Squeeze before you sneeze

This conversation just happened at my house:

Me: {Sneeze} “I just peed in my pants”
Jess: “That’s disgusting.”
Me: “Eh. I’m kinda used to it.”
Jess: “Was it a lot?”
Me: “God no. If it was a lot I would change my underwear.”
Jess: “No, I mean, does it happen a lot?”
Me: “If I don’t squeeze before I sneeze.”


And, that’s just one of the effects of birthing children. We made it through the week everybody. Not without our fair share of bumps and bruises, but, we made it. Hallelujah.


5 responses to “Squeeze before you sneeze

  1. I have been there especially after two kids.
    It does get better the more your exercise!!

  2. LOL! Wow…the little gems I should probably know about before children. That’s too funny! On an unrelated note, I’m loving the new formatting for your blog! Being a regular follower of yours, it’s nice to have the calendar of when/what you posted along with the links labeled the title of the previous/next post. LOVE IT! Makes it easy to catch up if I miss a day or two 😉

  3. I cannot sneeze while squatting as it leads to similar situations.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Aw man I’m trying not to pee myself right now

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