Sometimes it’s late at night and you’re looking at a diaper bag that you’re packing for the next day. And you think to yourself, “Hmmm, she doesn’t have a change of clothes in there. I wonder if I should get one.” Then you think, “Nah. She hasn’t had an accident in a long time. And I really don’t want to walk upstairs right now.”

Sometimes you walk to the nursery to pick up your little girl after VBS and the person waiting for you looks like a little boy. Because your little girl had an explosion in her diaper and didn’t have a change of clothes.


Sometimes you look at your little girl and think she’s the cutest thing in the entire world. Even dressed like a boy.


Sometimes you leave her in that shirt and take a bajillion photos because she’s just so darn cute.


Sometimes after a long morning at VBS and an evening at the gym your little girl refuses to go to anybody else and screams when you put her down. Let me tell you, that breaks a momma’s heart. Because you know you’re going to do it again the next day.


And, then sometimes you let you little girl stay in that shirt for a little too long. And you cuddle and play. Sometimes that little girl uses you like a monkey bar and climbs all over you. Sometimes you look at your adorable little girl who looks so much like a boy, who is rambunctious and squealing with delight as she flips over you and climbs onto the counter and you think, “I wonder if this is what having a little boy is like? I bet we would make a really cute boy.”


Sometimes you stay on that thought just a hair too long and you begin to really consider #2. Especially if they’re going to be that darn cute.



6 responses to “Sometimes…

  1. oh boy! You’re getting the itch!

  2. Haha, she is so cute in that shirt… she still looks like a little girl though 🙂

  3. She really does look adorable in that!

  4. i agree on all counts!! she looks precious and i am already feeling baby #2 itch…i think we will wait til AT least the fall…but I think you and Brad should totally go for it!!! 😉

    • If you’re waiting for the fall…might I suggest EARLY fall. i got pregnant in November and had to endure the summer in months 7,8, & 9….it was awful.

  5. aaaaaaaaawwww!!! 🙂

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