Mommy’s Little Helper

One thing about babyhood…it changes every day. A little shift here, another over here, and before you know it your little cuddle-bug

zoe's first month 946

Has become Mommy’s Little Helper.


And who can blame her really? I mean, we all know unloading the dishwasher is like the coolest job EVER!!! Look how excited she is. I would unload the dishwasher all day to see that face.


Then we help Mommy load up the dishwasher. And if by “help” you mean “try to get the sippy cups out of the dishwasher” then you’ve got the right idea.


Then we change up the game plan. Go in from the front.


And show Mommy the loot we’ve found.


By the way, carrying things around in her mouth is her new way of getting things from A to B…just like her big brother Hemmingway.

Then we pop a squat right there on the floor and celebrate a job well done.


Thanks for all the help Zoebear…you’re a great helper!



4 responses to “Mommy’s Little Helper

  1. Unloading the dishwasher was the favorite job of all my kids at one point. Faith still likes to help me. Go Zoe!

  2. Send her on over here…we have LOTS of dishes to unload…also there is laundry. And how is she at grooming the dogs?

  3. TOO CUTE. Ahh! That smile slays me 🙂

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