The day we did nothing, literally

**This post was originally written at 12:30 Sunday night. I was writing it for Monday’s post. Then there was a MASSIVE thunderstorm and my power went out…for hours. So, “yesterday” = Sunday, even though you’re probably reading this Tuesday. K…now that we’re all on the same page…happy reading. Oh, and fair warning, this post is picture/video heavy…but keep going till the end, it’s totally worth it, you’ll see!**

Yesterday was the most perfect of perfect days….wanna know why? Because we did nothing We had plans, they changed. We had an “obligation” or two sprung on us, we declined. We thought of things to do, but we never really got the motivation to do them. Wanna know why? Because sometimes it’s really important to just do nothing. Sometimes that’s exactly what your soul needs. Not the beach {although, that’s certainly nice}, not an outing {although they can be fun}, not friends and family {even though they make life interesting and so worth living}…no, just you, your immediate family, some cozy pajamas, maybe a good book, some background noise on the good ole tv, a few dogs trampling on your feet {ok, that’s DEFINITELY NOT needed in the equation…but such is life}, and if you’re us…diet coke.

In all actuality, our schedule yesterday happened mostly because of Zoe. Saturday kinda got away from us {in the “leave your house at 11am and come back at 9pm kinda day. The kinda day where at 3pm when you’re swimming in a pool you realize that you FORGOT to feed your child lunch {AGAIN} so you make a quick bottle and feed it to her in the shallow end sitting on the steps. That kind of day} So, because we were busy Zoe didn’t get a nap. Which translates too she slept in 45 extra minutes but still woke up tired, so we tried to put her back to sleep, but she screamed bloody murder, so we fed her more instead, and then tried to put her back to sleep, and she screamed some more, but fell asleep, and then woke up crying after 30 minutes, but was happy the moment we took her out of the crib. So, it was vital for our sanity, and the sake of our child, that we not go anywhere or do anything so that at 2pm we could put her BACK IN HER CRIB for round 3 of “please child won’t you go to sleep so that I don’t feel so guilty for you missing your nap yesterday”. And, guess what, our plan worked!

The wonderful side-effect of this masterfully crafted plan is that I got to stay in my pj’s until 5pm. Brad got a little antsy around noon and left to go get a haircut, came home, cooked up lunch from scratch, vacuumed the living room {got pretty upset when the vacuum died}, and then paced for a while. Me? Oh, I was on the couch, sipping a Diet Coke, reading a book, and reading decorating blog, after decorating blog, after decorating blog. Man! There are some REALLY good ones out there! For a brief moment, I almost felt a little guilty for just sitting and doing nothing, so I joined him in the kitchen while he was making lunch…but he kicked me out. Well, he didn’t officially kick me out, he just huffed and puffed and sighed until I left. He’s weird about his kitchen space. Anyways. Back to my point. We did {practically} nothing all day long. And it was deliciously wonderful.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. We did do a few things…like..take a random photo shoot where we were determined to get Zoe’s “pouty” face…because it’s the most adorable face you’ve ever seen…


Ah ha! There it is! I LOVE her pouty face. God, I love it. Then, the photo shoot continued but with the whole family.


Another thing that we did Sunday {and by “we” I mean “Zoe”} is learn to climb the stairs. We were sitting in the living room, one of the dogs went running down the hall, Zoe followed, and then when the dog went upstairs she gave the stairs a good hard look, sat and thought about it for a second…and then…


After all that crazy activity around here we needed to get some food in our bodies. And, due to the fact that we had an Olive Garden gift card from our birthdays PLUS a coupon for $4 off {heck yes}, we loaded up the car and took off. Now, I’m going to sound like a crazy mom here…but we got to see a side of Zoe that we rarely get to see. Here’s the deal..Zoe loves her puffs. I love her puffs. I put her in her highchair, sprinkle puffs in front of her and I just bought myself a SOLID 5 minutes. Except, yesterday she was just done with them. D-O-N-E, done. Because she knew she was getting the short end of the stick. She wanted BEEF!



So, instead of being enamored by the puffs like she normally is, she very deliberately threw them on the ground. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This kid has known what she wanted from the day she was born. She’s incredibly laid back about it…but she stays her course when she’s made up her mind about something. Here, you can see for yourself.

Then it was time to come home and go to bed. But, as we all know, before bed you get to read a few books. Yesterday’s special was “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. And, again, because I love you {and because Brad said it was ok for me to put this on the blog} I have a video for you. Prior to getting this caught on camera we had already done it about 7 times. Enjoy.

So, that’s what “doing nothing all day” looks like around here. It was the most perfect of perfect days. I loved it from start to finish.

What about you? What did you do this weekend?


4 responses to “The day we did nothing, literally

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  2. That itsy bitsy spider video is the BEST!!!!

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