My Dream Last Night

Have you ever had a dream where you wake up feeling the emotion of that dream? I had that last night…I actually dreamed this dream twice. Once around 5 am, and then right before I woke up. I think I dreamed it a second time because I loved it so much. Here’s what I dreamed…

I was at the wedding of a friend. She was marrying Brad. Brad and I had been married, and we even had Zoe, but for some reason we’d gotten a divorce but apparently had remained amicable enough for me to be invited to the second wedding. It was right before the wedding and I was talking to Brad in the room that the groom waits in. We were laughing. I got the feeling that after whatever it was that we’d gone through we’d become really good friends. In fact, we were even closer than when we were married and we thoroughly enjoyed each others’ presence. Anyways, we were laughing and talking and then out of nowhere he kissed me. Not a chaste “for old times sake” kiss, no…it was the kind of kiss that makes you feel good all the way down to your toes and makes your tummy do somersaults. And then the bride walked in. {In my dream the bride was one of my friends in real life} Needless to say, everybody in the room was speechless. And then the wedding was called off. Apparently I thought that would be a great time to say, “Well, I’d marry you again.” He looked at me with all the hope in the world and said, “You wanna?” I said, “Sure! After all, the crowds already here and I can just borrow her wedding dress.” And so, that’s what we did. I borrowed a wedding dress from a bride that just got rejected at the altar {after all, I figured she’d probably never use it} and a veil that had purple fluff on it {weird} and sailed down the aisle to my one true love. It was several sizes too small and didn’t zip up all the way in the back {I didn’t car. Not one bit. Besides, it was flattering in the front}. At the front of the church we laughed about what had just taken place. We then realized that the officiant that had been hired thought he was a DJ. I don’t know if I can adequately describe the next scene, but I’m going to try.

We were standing in the front of the church, but the officiant was in a DJ stand. He couldn’t start the wedding because he had a few more “tunes” that had to be played. So we danced. Not the whole crowd…just Brad and myself, up at the front of our second wedding that I’d just hijacked from another bride. We did the robot, the grocery cart, the sprinklers, the disco, the twist. {No joke, when I busted out the robot I thought “does this count for my 30 before 30 list?”} And we laughed. We laughed and we talked, and we laughed at the stupid veil that I was wearing. We laughed at the crazy situation that we were in. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore. We tried to get the DJ/officiant to start the wedding, but he never really did…so we just did it ourselves. We had no vows written so we just promised to love each other forever and always and added a “for real this time” to the end. Joy flooded my soul. I’ve never felt that much joy in a dream.

I woke up and it was 5ish in the morning. I realized that I was smiling from ear to ear. I looked at Brad snoring beside me and thought, “If I had to do it all over again, I would marry this guy in a heartbeat.” And then I fell back asleep.

{Us on our date night Tuesday night. I definitely took a picture in a dark theater while the previews we going on}


5 responses to “My Dream Last Night

  1. I don’t know if I’m hormonal, or just that excited about my own wedding but this made me cry. Happy cry. Like, I’m sitting in Starbucks working on homework, reading your blog, grinning from ear to ear and crying. Yeah, I’m just that cool. This makes me so in love with your love. I’m so happy for you two and I think you are absolutely adorably wonderful.

    • awwww! thanks Sarah! I’ve never been called “absolutely adorably wonderful” before! I like it =)

  2. that’s an awesome dream! LOL I don’t know if I find it incredibly hilarious (which I do) or ridiculously weird (which I do) or insanely sweet (which I do) most.

  3. I think that dream just says you two were meant to be together! Love the pic of my fav couple!! 🙂

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