Yesterday’s solution to Boredom

So….if you couldn’t guess by my post yesterday…I was bored out of my mind here. Like, at one point I considered driving down to Orlando to stroll through IKEA. I didn’t. But only because you have to practically give up your first born child to fill your tank with gas these days…and I happen to like my first born, so I had to come up with another option. At about noon I decided that I would clean my house, from top to bottom. {Insert the Hallelujah chorus here for Brad}

Here’s the before pictures. I warn you now. If you’re one of those types that cringe at a mess and get panic attacks when you see clutter….don’t even look at the before pictures, just skip on down to the “after”. My house was a disaster. Don’t judge.

{The downstairs}
{The blanket hanging off the bookshelf is to hide the photo albums from Zoe. Classy, huh?}
{The trash got moved into the kitchen because Zoe kept knocking the trash can over.}

{And now, the upstairs…}

Yes, Jasmine is drinking from the sink. Yes, if you look closely, she’s also in the downstairs picture. I have 3 animals who follow me around the house. Mr. Darcy couldn’t care less about my whereabouts during the day unless I’m in the bathroom…and then he wants attention. And, if you’re wondering, yes that is a tv tray table that we use as a nightstand…because I still live in a modified bachelor pad…but it’s 1,000x’s better than what it was, so you won’t hear a single complaint out of me.

Anyways, I dusted, vacuumed, laundered, organized, threw out, straightened, put away, washed, vacuumed, dusted some more, laundered some more, put more stuff away, cleaned some toilets, cleaned some sinks, took a few breaks to play with Zoe. Speaking of Zoe, if you’re wondering what she was doing…

She was keeping Hemmingway company

But then she kept trying to crawl to the edges of the bed, so I put her in the tub.

And then, after about 4 hours, my sister coming over to hang out with Zoe, dinner with the in laws, and a little bit more straightening up. This is the result.


{You’ll notice that you don’t see a picture of the nursery anywhere, and that’s because it was mostly clean. Also, you’ll notice that I don’t have an after picture of the bookshelf downstairs…I can explain. I transformed the bookshelf into a “Zoe station” so that she can play with her books on the bottom and I don’t have to worry about baby proofing. Which means that I had to put the baskets and photo albums somewhere. They are currently on the table. So typical of one of my cleaning sprees. The table itself did actually get cleaned off of all the clutter…it’s just even more cluttered now.}

Whew. Apparenly, I had some pent up frustrations to work out. I guess some days boredom works in Brad’s favor =)


6 responses to “Yesterday’s solution to Boredom

  1. Yeah, your house wasn’t messy to begin with. Just a little clutter here and there. I love how a couple of your pictures were kind of ‘Wheres Waldo?’ with Zoey in them. And the fact that you put Zoey in the tub to keep her out of trouble made me just laugh out loud at work. I should totally try that with my Zoey when I attempt (yet again) to do some Spring cleaning this weekend. Your house looks beautiful and I love that blue color in your living room.

  2. Bathtub idea is awesome. I will definitely try that one. And your house was not all that messy. Mine has been worse but then I go though a phase like you and just declutter away! Happy decluttering!

  3. That’s an incredible difference. And go you for posting the before pictures hehe. I love before/after shots!!!

  4. Yay for a clean house! Isn’t it wonderful to have a clear space to look at? I love that feeling . . . for the three minutes it lasts. And I have to consider the baby-in-the-bathtub thing. Jacob moves so quickly that the bed is not an option–even if we’re on it with him. Enjoy your happy space!

  5. my house is way cluttered too. can you send me your motivation?? or better yet, just send you…then our babies can play, we can clean and hang out and they will be taken care of and neither one of us will be bored!! 🙂

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