Field Trip to the dog park

They know as soon as I open the closet and get the “dog park bag”. Immediately chaos ensues. Hemmingway runs up and down the stairs barking. Avery dashes in and out of his feet. Zoe looks around wondering what the crap is going on. We have a routine at the door. The dogs sit, I open the door, they dash to the car, I open the door, Hemmingway jumps in. He sits in the back passenger seat. Then I put Zoe in. Then Avery jumps in because she sits behind the driver’s seat. Actually, Avery sits wherever the heck she wants to. She’s kinda a diva like that. And then we’re off! Thirty minutes later we’re parked and the second round of chaos ensues. Typically, I get Zoe out and in her stroller, then let the dogs out and they run to the fence. Today, however, Hemmingway decided to jump over Zoe and let himself out of the car. Punk.

{picture taken last week on the way to the dog park when I wasn’t the one driving}

Once we’re in the park, they can roam free. It is a dog’s paradise.

{Hemmingway sees a toy in the water}

{Then he goes for it}

{Avery takes herself for a walk}

{Then comes back and camps out by the stroller}

It’s awesome. No matter where the dogs go in the park, or how hard they’re playing…they ALWAYS come back and check in on Zoe.

{Who happens to be eating my sunglasses}

{And trying to escape her stroller}

And then after balls have been thrown, Hemmingway is tired from swimming so much, Avery is dirty from top to bottom from rolling around in the sand, and Zoe and I are hot and tan….we pack up. Actually, we have one more stop…the bath pit. {Not Avery’s favorite} Again, we have a routine with that too. Hemmi goes first because he dries faster and then I only have 1 wet dog in the car instead of 2. Avery hides while he’s getting a bath and then I scoop her up. She tries to escape. I tell her to deal with it. Zoe starts crying. We finish up. Hemmi walks himself to the car while I carry Avery and push the stroller. Then we load up and head home. And everybody except me gets to take a nap.

{The following pictures are taken from several different trips to the dog park, but give you a complete idea of how the ride home goes}

{Soaking up the air conditioner}

{Passed out}

It’s fun. The dogs love it. Zoe loves it. And I love it for them. I took some videos today…but I don’t know how to get them off my phone. I got a new phone this weekend, it’s a smartphone….and apparently I’m not that smart. =/ Maybe if I can figure it out I’ll add it to one of my lists sometime.

What did you do today?


One response to “Field Trip to the dog park

  1. Those are some classic pics of the dogs in the car …

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