He makes me laugh

He’s my main squeeze, my knight in shining armor, my baby daddy, and the man who makes me laugh every day. He’s funnier than most people know. If we were sitting in a large group setting you might actually not ever hear a word from him, unless you were sitting right beside him and then you would hear him mumble under his breath almost the whole time. And you would laugh your tush off and everybody would look at you wondering why you were laughing so much. He’s quiet. His humor is dry. But he is freaking hilarious! For instance….

Once, while out to dinner with my family, my father and I were trying to order for my mother. You would have to know the family dynamics here, but let’s just say that my mom and I share a similar palette, so I know what she likes….but she tries to modify everything on the menu. That particular day she was asking for a calzone without the bread. So my dad and I step in and we order this combination of food that she’ll love, and by the end of the experience the waitress may or may not want to quit her job. Just kidding. Anyways, up next was Brad. This is how the conversation went, “Sir, do you know what you want?” “Um, yes. I’ll take a meatball sub. But can you put the meatballs on the side and can I get it without any bread?” The waitress’ pen stopped moving and she just looked up. My father and I busted out laughing. Brad remained deadpan. The waitress looked around the table trying to figure out what was going on. Brad smiled. The waitress smiled. My dad and I couldn’t breathe. Everybody else ordered and then as the waitress was walking away Brad asked if he could change his order to Chicken Parmesan.

Everyday when we walk out of the house Brad stops and says, “Avery {the dog} be cool.”

Occasionally, he tells Hemmingway to mow the yard…that way he can earn his keep around here.

Two days ago he was trying to elevate Zoe’s mattress so that the snot that this cold is producing drains down rather than into her ears and we have yet another ear infection. I was asking him if he needed help. He looked back and said, “Baby, I got this. I’m a dragon slayer.”

Brad speaks in abbreviations. Sounds odd, and it is. The other day we were driving down the road and he said, “Wow, that’s a L.A.T.” I looked at him like he’d lost his mind. He looked at me like he couldn’t understand what I was confused about. This happened for a few seconds until I said, “Honey, what is a L.A.T?” Nonchalantly, he replied, “long ass train”. He calls the period of his life before me “PR”, and Zoe, “PZ”.

Once, after a night out with his friends, when he was stumbling into bed at 2 in the morning, he woke me up to tell me {in a very slurred voice} “Baby, I just want you to know, I’m a singer not a dancer.”

I received his permission for the next part. You’ll understand why once you watch it. If I knew how to make a movie clip you wouldn’t be forced to watch the whole video….but I don’t know how to…so, you have to watch the whole video {Brad’s part is about 2 minutes in}. Enjoy.

Who keeps you laughing the way Brad keeps me laughing?

Happy Friday everybody!!!

Ps. Zoe is doing a little bit better….thanks for the love


2 responses to “He makes me laugh

  1. Goal for this weekend: Find a way to fluidly work “dragon slayer” into common conversation.

    And Brad’s video is photographic proof of my yet-to-be-disproven theory that the kitchen is the best place in the house to dance. I hadn’t tried a jig yet, but good to know that works, too!

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