A List

I had this whole sappy post about getting to know Zoe, and how much she’s changed over the past 2 weeks all typed out. It was great. Really, it was. I was typing it during naptime when my little darling Zoebear was supposed to be sleeping. What she decided to do instead…wait for it…was scream. It was awesome. Really, it was. So instead….what you’re getting is a list. Because I love lists. And because I think it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one. I think. But mostly because it’s really hard to think straight when you’re daughter is trying to convey her frustration to people all the way on a different continent. So…drumroll please….

1) I did not miss the dogs while on vacation, or the cats for that matter, not one time.

2) Which means that I have 1 dog and 2 cats up for sale to the lowest bidder. {I can’t offer up Avery, she’s Brad’s}

3) That’s a lie. I can’t sell them.


4) You can have them for free.

5) Zoe really did have some crazy developments last week.


6) I did not cry when she crawled.

7) I cried when she ate her first table food meal.

8 ) Yesterday was a ridiculously awful.

9) I questioned everything I know about life.


10) And then I had margaritas and everything was better.

11) Last night going to bed Brad and I stayed up and talked for like an hour.

12) We laughed, we reminisced, we laughed some more.


13) I was lying about the animals. I’m not giving them away. I wish I was, but I’m not.

14) Zoe is ridiculously mobile now.


15) Which means I need baby gates. Yesterday.

Your turn! Five things that are on your mind right now…be honest…ready, GO!


13 responses to “A List

  1. Ooo, this I can do!
    1) Even though my job takes me so far from my Forestry career path, there’s something inside me that makes me want to know everything about what I do now…from Accounting to the inner workings of Receivables and Payables…kinda sick actually.
    2) I daydreamed about my wedding day yesterday and was completely overwhelmed with love…such a perfect day to start an amazing life with my husband.
    3) Now that we’re developing our debt-elimination timeline, I’m even more anxious to pay it all off, go on a sweet vaca, then start a family (preferably in that order, though we know how well our “plans” usually pan out).
    4) Chocolate chip cookies are, by far, the most superior cookie in all the world.
    5) I miss you.
    No kidding, these are the first five things that popped in my head. πŸ™‚

  2. 1 I miss my grandkids and want to be able to read them a story and help with their bath.

    2 I really enjoy my time alone so the thought of my mother in law moving in with me makes me crazy.

    3 She hates me…I don’t like her either, but she’s his mother what do you do…I would hope my boys would want me.

    4. I would move to Brazil tomorrow if I could…maybe if the mother in law moves in that could be an option.

    5. Can I really only have one glass of wine.

    you asked….

  3. Oh wow!! I can only list 5?? lol! Well, here goes:
    1. Zoe Grace Harvin is the cutest baby in the world πŸ™‚
    2. Wish I could give her a hug and kiss right now
    3. Really glad tomorrow is my Friday and I’m leaving work 2hrs early
    4. Thinking I have alot to do to get ready for our Orlando trip
    5. Worried I will spend too much money in Orlando and will have no food to eat

    • have fun in Orlando! And if you spend too much money and don’t have food to eat…come over for dinner! Actually, just come over for dinner =)

      • Awwww….thanks Rebecca! I love you! I would love to come over and hang out and eat dinner with you guys! How about we discuss this further when I get back from my trip. πŸ™‚

  4. 5 things, huh?
    1. I’m tired and I have no good excuse because Sascha is always the one to get up with one of the kids at night, not me!
    2. I have so much homework and planning to do right now and I feel like just playing on the computer.
    3. I am really in the mood for some coffee, but then that is nothing new. I am always in the mood for a cup of coffee.
    4. I have butterflies in my stomach (excitement) because I am thinking about moving.
    5. What sides should I make for our 2 potlucks this weekend?

    • homework? where are you moving to? mashed potatoes and broccoli salad…do they eat broccoli salad in Germany?

  5. Here we go:
    1. Zoey just cut her fifth tooth yesterday and she somehow managed to get stuck underneath the coffee table last night–from kind of army crawling because she’s not officially crawling yet.
    2. How am I going to get the invitations and decorations done for her party?
    3. I wish our refrigerator didn’t die.
    4. All I have to do is get through today and tomorrow at work and then I have a 4-day weekend.
    5. I could go for a margarita right now.

  6. 1> Those margaritas are my new fave… mmm strawberry mango!
    2> Why do I not hang out with you more often?
    3> There’s no reasonable answer for that
    4> I wish I was laying lazily by a pool in this beautiful weather
    5> I want to go on more mission trips
    6> Oh crap, I’m reading & writing on a blog instead of finishing my message prep for TONIGHT!!! lol

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