Happy Birthday to Me!

{And Lauren from Talk of the Trains…..she’s turning 29 too!}

Sing it with me everybody….”Happy Birthday to me and Lauren. Happy Birthday to me and Lauren. Happy Biiiiirthday to me and Lauren!!!!!! Happy Birthday to me and Lauren!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’m 29 ya’ll!

That means I have 364 days and a wake up until I’m 30.


30. That’s like, a whole new decade. Hi, I’m Rebecca, I can do math. Sometimes. I have a point here. I’ve decided to put this year to good use. I’ve been creating a list “30 Things to do before I’m 30” and if I succeed in checking everything off, it’ll be one of the first goals I’ve ever accomplished in my life. I know that everybody says that “writing goals is essential to success” and I would tend to agree…it’s just that whole follow through issue I have with things that are solely for me. So, here goes…not only will this list help me overcome that character flaw…it’ll also have me doing things that are fun, creative, and otherwise wouldn’t happen.

My List

{drumroll please}

1 – Go on a roadtrip somewhere I’ve never been. The first thing that comes to mind is Key West…because that’s a dream of mine…but my only real requirement is “somewhere I’ve never been”.

2 – Do something creative that I wouldn’t normally do.

3 – Dance with the guy who holds the sign at the Town Center. {You have to live in Jax to understand this one…but there will be pictures, or video, so you can thoroughly enjoy the awkwardness of this one.}

4 – Get paid to do photography.

5 – Read a classic.

6 – Make a nice design cake {think cake boss…but much more simple}

7 – Sing karaoke in a public place

8 – Finish a project I started a long time ago. {first thought…scrapbook from my honeymoon}

9 – Slide down the pole at a fire station.

10 – Volunteer somewhere I’ve never volunteered before.

11 – Learn a magic trick and perform it for someone I don’t know. {This came up twice, so it’s a must}

12 – Learn how to do the robot and do it, in public.

13 – Get a new tattoo. {This one is potentially negotiable. I might swap it with something else.}

14 – Drink Scotch. {A whole drink, not just a sip….this will probably happen directly before #7}

15 – Do a giveaway on my blog.

16 – Lose 30 lbs. {I’ve never in my life had a weight loss goal…this should be good.}

17 – Buy a domain name for my blog.

18 – Participate in “Girls Night Out” at least 5 times.

19 – Read through the Bible from front to back.

20 – Get a makeover.

21 – Have an even tan. Preferably a dark tan, especially on my legs.

22 – Have a day at a spa. {I’m 29 and I’ve never done this before. Lame.}

23 – Eat a salad that I grew.

24 – Not cringe at the thought of health food.

25 – Paint a wall {or walls} in my house a neutral-ish color. {Which means, pick out the color b/c Brad owes me a paint job}

26- Explore a part of Jacksonville I’ve never been to before.

27 – Go hiking.

28 – Make a digital scrapbook of Zoe’s first year.

29 – Learn how to edit photos.

30 – Make a meal that one of the cooks on the Food Network does.

So…there you have it….wish me luck!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. I want to dance with him too. I do in my car and he has special shake we both do. Ask Tammy R about it she has been with me twice and dared me to get out dance for real…

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!! Thanks for the shoutout…and thanks for uh, reminding me that we are only 364 days from 30. YIKES. So I love number 12 and totally want video of that too…and maybe we should meet in a secret location where you can drink your scotch, I will throw back a few glasses of wine and we can sing karaoke to each other! 😀 I hope your hubby is super sweet to you today and I cant wait to read about your birthday festivities!

  3. Happy birthday! I’m glad I had an impact on about a third of that list 🙂 I really want to do a lot of these too!

  4. These are great! What a good idea. I think you could learn #12, then do it when you do #3! And I know a great lady to give you a makeover 🙂

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And great list! I put #23 on a goal list I made at the end of high school, and absolutely forgot about it until now. Got to get to that! Good luck 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your progress over the next year!

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