Let the Creativity flow

I’m trying to come up with a list of “30 things to do before I’m 30” for my 29th birthday….which is Wednesday.
I need your ideas.

Here’s the rules:

1) It can’t be illegal.
2) It needs to be relatively inexpensive because money is TIGHT.
3) It needs to be cool, creative, and fun.

Ready. Set. Go.


10 responses to “Let the Creativity flow

  1. herspaciousplace

    hmm…when i turned 30 (i’m 31 now) I went thru 3months of “i’m old now” lol. I cut my hair short (cause that’s what old people do right lol) I became the “calorie counting nazi” and overall was not a nice person haha. All because I saw 30 as this age where life just…changes and I become old!
    well…30 IS NOT OLD! 🙂
    so…i guess one thing I’d suggest is for you to prepare your mind for your birthday. Don’t panic…don’t rush into weird changes…just be 30! 🙂

    oh and i got a new tattoo too lol

  2. ideas:
    1- roadtrip somewhere new, 2- sing karaoke, 3- go to a tv game show (even better if you could get on one), 4- read a big book that you always wanted too but never did- like one of the classics, 5- wear purple nail polish, 6- try eating ______ (fill in with something you think would be gross that you have never tried before, like a different sushi or something), 7- volunteer somewhere different- like maybe do Habitat for Humanity for a day or something like that, 8- learn how to moon walk (or do the robot or some other dance that you don’t already know how to do). that’s all I can think of so far.

    • 6-monkey brain? that would be a new one
      2-terrifying…but doable!
      5- well, ok =)

      I’m liking your list…keep thinking =)

      • ok, I thought of some more 9- participate in a Flash Mob, 10- paint a wall in your home white or beige (gasp!), 11- dance with the Asian guy that holds a sign on the corner of Gate & Town Center Blvd at lunch time, 12- dress Zoe in an FSU outfit, 13- slide down the pole at a fire station, 14- create a new dessert recipe- like your very own unique creation. success is attained when it tastes good, 15- learn a magic trick and perform it for someone you don’t know, 16- do something artsy- sculpture, a painting, something that you haven’t done before, 17- participate in local politics for a day- like be a person that stands on the corner holding a candidate’s sign on election day. also, vote in that local election.
        by the way, I’m more than happy to do any of these items with you. Since I’m 8.5 months away from 3-0, I also have been thinking about doing some new stuff to finish off my 20s with a bang.

      • holy crap those are good!

  3. Maybe schedule 30 minutes every 30 days to do something that you used to do before being a reluctant housewife that you miss doing or try something new just for you… and then write about it on your blog each month.
    Or write to thirty people who have made an impact in your life and thank them (again, this might take longer than 30 days.)
    Go on an “ultimate treasure hunt”
    Put together 30 photos of your life that mean the most to you. Put it in a photobook. Write about why they are important.

  4. I read incorrectly- I thought you’d be 30 in 30 days… I blame my poor comprehension on my son getting molars this week. 🙂

  5. 1. Finish a project that you started a long time ago.
    2. Learn a new pointless skill (juggling, unicycle, magic act, cartwheels, etc.)
    3. Learn to recognize all of the constellations that can be seen from where you live.
    4. Make a new flavor of homemade ice cream.
    5. Do the photography for a wedding.
    6. Combine unique items from a thrift store to make a cute outfit for a date (bonus points if everything comes from the thrift store).
    7. Make a mud puddle and play in it with Zoe.
    8. Grow your own herbs.
    9. Learn to recognize all of the edible plants that grow in your area and try them.
    10. Write your husband a letter to tell him all the things you appreciate to him. You could even write this letter throughout the year and add to it regularly.

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