Another rung up the ladder of development

We just had Zoe’s well check this morning, she did great! She’s in the 95% for height {apparently she’s the length of an average 1 yr old}, 90% for head circumference, and 30% for weight. The 30% for weight just blows my MIND. Do you know how much this kid eats??? A lot. I feel like I feed her constantly all day long. Right now she’s at 3 solid meals a day and nursing 4 times. The Dr said that it was perfectly normal for her to drop in percentiles. She said that Zoe is more active these days {and she only saw her for 30 mintues!} and that she was burning more calories, so it makes sense for her to gain weight slower. But, more importantly, she gave us the green light for table food.

Let’s back up a little bit…when we were at her 4 month check up the Dr said to wait until she was 6 months to start her on solid food. She also added that we didn’t need to do rice at all, to start with green vegetables, do one new vegetable every week, move to orange vegetables, then yellow, and finally fruit. Again, only 1 new food every week. Have I ever mentioned that Zoe goes to these granola pediatricians? I love them, I really do, but they are most definitely “organic”. Nothing wrong with that, just SO different than what I’m used to. I nodded my head in agreement at everything she said, left the appointment, drove to the store, bought rice and fed it to her the next day. Following the rules isn’t my strong suit. But, I can defend my actions, Zoe wasn’t staying full on breastmilk anymore. At the time she was asking to eat about every 1 1/2 hours…and momma just isn’t doing that.

{First encounter with peas}

We did rice cereal for about, oh…I don’t know, a week? And then I decided that HAD to be getting boring, so off we went to the store to get some real food. I behaved myself and bought peas, because every baby has to eat peas. Again, I think I followed the rules for about a week and then decided that a diet of peas, rice, and breastmilk was no way to live. From that point on we introduced a new vegetable probably every 2-3 days. Occasionally I’ve been known to not even wait 1 meal before I give her a new food, but that’s probably because I never pay attention to what I’m giving her from one meal to the next. I know what you’re thinking, “Good job mom”. It’s ok…I’ve thought that too. By about 1 1/2 months into eating baby food she was eating practically everything in the baby food isle. We also moved from 1 solid food meal a day to 3 solid food meals a day really quickly…again, because that’s what Zoe wanted to do.

{Zoe decided to feed herself}

So that was 4-7ish months, and then Zoe got sick. Do you remember that? ‘Cause I do. Anyways, when she got sick she had to take a lot of medicine, mostly an array of vitamins that dissolved in her mouth, and she tried to chew everything. Everything. As in, she was chewing the liquid Motrin that I was giving her. Obviously she was ready for the next step…chunky food that she has to chew. In case you need me to translate, that means “Hey mom! Guess what, I’m ready for big kid food that’s yummy and delicious and simultaneously possesses the opportunity for me to choke…isn’t that awesome!?!?!?!” It took me another week to get up the nerve to buy those little puff things that dissolve in their mouth if they don’t chew them. I sat there, glued to her face, the first time that she ate them, and the second time, and third, fourth, fifth…well, you get the point. I was scared. I think I’ve mentioned before that chocking and suffocating are my two BIG fears with a baby. But, Zoe was ready. So off we went into the land of chewable foods. Zoe really seems to love the autonomy of feeding herself. I slowly added little bits of banana {that I feed her} and some peas {she feeds herself} to the “I can eat big kids food” retinue.


For the past few weeks I’ve noticed Zoe really wanting to eat everything that I eat. She wants to feed herself more and more. She practices chewing even when there’s nothing in her mouth. She puts everything that she sees into her mouth and chews it. But something about making that leap to real table food scares the mess out of me. Even though I’ve followed Zoe’s lead every step of the way with this food journey…I needed to hear from a Dr that she can eat table food now.

So, here’s my game plan…I’m coming up with this as I type. I’m going to start with a few snacks, maybe some cut up mango {because we have that in the fridge} and let her just play. Then we’re going to start doing dinner as a family. For the past 9 months we’ve fed Zoe first and then Brad and I sit down and eat together. I’ll probably feed Zoe off my plate because Brad eats spicier food than I do. Although, the Dr said that she can eat practically any spice except she doesn’t want her to have a lot of sweet food or salt added to anything {because then Zoe will demand that all food is either sweet/salty…and we all know where that road ends up}. I’m going to start her slowly, using up the cupboard of baby food that we have stocked, starting with 1/4 real food, 3/4 baby food. We’ll work our way to meals that are all real. We’re holding off on dairy until 1 year, although we might start some yogurt in there around 11 months. And I think in like a month or two I’m going to try some soy milk. And the Dr also said to hold off on juice…so I’ll probably follow that rule {for once in my life}.

I’m scared to death. Wish me luck!

Have you been down this road before? What did you do?


6 responses to “Another rung up the ladder of development

  1. We’re in the middle of table food world right now with our Zoey. She LOVES table food and will refuse to eat baby food. Just in the past week or so, she’s gotten where she wants to feed herself, so we’re going down that road now. I tried whole milk with Zoey the other night (because she’s not showing much interest in her bottles anymore), but she didn’t seem to impressed. We did start her on juice, because she wasn’t getting enough liquids and she loves it. Anyway, when I started table food for Zoey, I started with fruits and veggies cut up–and pasta cut up (Zoey loved mac and cheese). The chicken and turkey sticks in the baby food jars are good too because they’re like the consistency of a hot dog. Zoey went really quickly from needing to have table food ground up to slighly smaller pieces than what I eat. Someone suggested to me to try banana pieces rolled in crushed cheerios so they aren’t so messy. Also, Mum Mums are very popular in our house. Hope all of this helps. πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  2. uhhhh i am clueless and need serious help. i am paranoid ab the choking stuff too and we are still doing food introductions. i just need to be a copycat and do what you do πŸ™‚

    • You have my permission to copy whatever you want =) And I don’t think it gets less terrifying until they have all their teeth and are solidly toddlers…

  3. rachael sonnborn

    Ha! It is still terrifying when they have all their teeth and solidly toddlers cause they are wanting to run around the house with food in their mouth, teeth don’t help if they don’t use them. : ) I forget what we did with Zeke and Josua but now Selah has been eating table foods for awhile ( she is 10 1/2 months) They always say break the food up into small pieces but the problem is you have to make them sooooo small they can hardly handle them. I leave my bananas in larger chunks and let her bite off the amount that her 4 little teeth can bite. Then you know it’s not going to be too big. When I cut the hotdogs into smaller chunks she stuffs the whole thing in her mouth so if you cut things, make sure to cut them small enough that it is no problem if she swallows the whole thing without chewing. (and then pray you don’t find half of the food down the front (inside) of her shirt) I also give Selah french fries without salt. She loves them! I don’t cut, just give her the whole thing and she bites off tiny little bites.

  4. I’m not sure if your doctor mentioned to reason for waiting a week between new foods…it’s allergies. If your child is gonig to have an allergic reaction to something it could happen up to 3 days after thay have has that food. If you wait a week between starting new foods you will always know the probable culprit if you child has a reaction.
    My daugher only spent a couple of weeks on purees. She much prefered table food the more texture. And by 6 months she was eating peas straight from the freezer! (I wasn’t able to nurse exclusively so her pedi said it was ok to start solids at 4 months.)

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