Zoebear, 9 months

My dearest Zoebear,

Yesterday you turned 9 months old. Because I know you can’t do math yet, I’ll just tell you, that’s 3 months shy of your 1st birthday. Some days that seems so surreal, other days it seems like I can feel every single minute of the past 9 months. I think the real reason that it seems so surreal is because I still can’t believe I’m a mom! But, sweet Zoe, you make it really easy to be a mom…most days.


Last week you taught yourself how to sit up and simultaneously pull yourself up on just about everything. You’re loving your new found independence, but to be honest, it terrifies me because I know what’s right around the corner. You are about 2 seconds away from crawling. In fact, I’ve seen you do a few mini crawls, but most of the time you just say “screw it” and then do your army crawl {which by the way, launches you across the living room}.


You’ve started a new hobby of throwing fits. It’s awesome. Let me tell you…awesome. They come quickly and they leave quickly but oh.my.god. during the middle of it you act like your WORLD is falling apart. They can happen over anything, for example: I take the shoe away that you wanted to play with:fit, I move you away from the trash can so that you don’t knock it over:fit, I tell you “no”:fit, you sit when you want to crawl:fit, the basket didn’t do what you wanted it to:fit, you can’t stand in the bath tub:fit, I won’t let you play with electrical cords:fit. Case in point: Out of all your toys you went to the bookshelf and grabbed a photo album, then I took it away from you.


You’re lucky you’re so darn cute. That’s a fact. You are cute. And you are starting to REALLY know it. You’re also understanding that you’re funny. You think you’re hilarious and so do I! I can’t even tell you how many times a day you and I just bust out laughing over something. Most of the time it’s because you blew me a kiss, or a game that we’re playing. But sometimes, it’s just because you feel like laughing. It’s music to my ears. I remember dreaming about your laugh and now I get to hear it every single day. I love it.


You talk all day long. All day. Mostly it’s babble. Actually, it’s like 99% babble. But lately I hear you saying things like “momma” and “dadda”. The past few days I’ve noticed that you say “dada” when you look at Daddy’s pictures on the wall, when he comes in from work, and today when he called and you heard his voice on the phone you said, “Dada!” It was priceless.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you have your Daddy wrapped firmly around your little finger and I don’t think he has any interest in leaving it any time soon.


One of my very favorite things that you do {and have been doing} is that you find my hand any time that you’re around me, especially when you’re nursing, and you hold my finger. It’s little moments like this that I cherish with every fiber of my being. You are one of a kind , my darling Zoebear, and I love being your mommy.



One response to “Zoebear, 9 months

  1. Awwww…..the video of Zoe and Brad is Priceless!! Good job Mommie!! lol! I LOVED hearing her talk Rebecca! She is just precious…I know you know that…but I just can’t say it enough! And the pics of her “fit face” are actually adorable as well!! Haha! 😉

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