A list

1) Remember my wall calendar? This is what it looks like…


2) It’s not even May yet. Do you see how filled up it is?

3) Check out May 8. That’s Mother’s Day…my first.

4) Followed up with my 29th birthday and Brad’s 36th.

5) May is my favorite month of the year.

6) Brad has been working a lot of overtime the past few weeks.

7) Which means a little extra moo-la and tweaking bath time.


8 ) I dare you to find a cuter baby.


9) Make that a double-dog dare.

10) Today I was vacuuming the house and Zoe was camped out in her crib. She wasn’t a huge fan, but she quickly figured out that she can pull up on her crib. Which scares me to death.


11) Remember how I told you that Hemmingway practically glues himself to Zoe’s side? Here’s more proof…


12) He’s the sweetest dog on the face of the planet. For real.

13) I wish I took better pictures. Then I could just take like 2 or 3 instead of 80 for any given random photo shoot. I’m not lying when I say taken probably 4,000 pictures of Zoe.

14) Most of them are crap. But I still can’t delete them. Some of them are really good.


15) My make believe hubby is getting married this week. Friday.

16) You might have heard of him….Prince William.

17) I’m watching it with my best friend Erin. I’ll be wearing a hat.

18) When I was 15 I taught myself to type by typing out a 6 page letter to Prince William telling him how we were meant to be together. I didn’t let myself look at the keyboard. It took me HOURS. I can’t make that stuff up. {Sidenote: I’ve been able to type really well ever since that writing that letter.}

19) So glad I didn’t send it. Because, who knows, he might have asked me to marry him….but then I would’ve never met this guy…

Erin's wedding

20) He’s my favorite.


6 responses to “A list

  1. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these, but it might make you less nervous about Zoe pulling herself up on the crib.

  2. is your 29th birthday on the 11th?!?! MINE TOO!!! Happy early birthfest to you! We can have a joint blog birthday party! …and my little Anne Margaret is trying to learn how to pull up. she hasnt gotten the hang of it fully but it freaks me out. she is 7.5 months. i would love to know what Zoe’s food routine is. I need a plan and am clueless as where to go next! we dont have teeth yet so I am scared to start on anything other than baby food yet! helllllpppp!!!

    • WHOOOHOOO!!!!! We’re totally going to have a blog birthday party together! =) I’ll tell you what we do w/food…but you probably won’t want to follow it! =) I actually just typed the about 1/2 of the routine out and it was INCREDIBLY long…so I’m just going to do an actual post on it b/c that’s been in the wings for a while.

  3. Well,the cutest baby on the face of the earth, born to the cutest, nicest couple on the face of the earth = AWESOMENESS. 🙂

  4. I love everything about your blog becca. So, i’m on here now… juat a poetry blog though. I only have one up so far, but you should check it out!
    love ya.

    ps. this is brittany.

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