Easter baskets and such

**The pictures throughout the blog post are from Easter lunch/dinner at my in-laws house. The only person not pictured is my brother-in-law, Brian, and Zoe in her pretty lace dress…that came off at church}

I read this blog, pretty much everyday, and Katie {the author} was talking about how her mom’s “thing” growing up was Christmas stockings and how this year she’s decided that Easter baskets are going to be her “thing” as a mom. When I read that I thought, “hmmmm, I wonder what my ‘thing’ is going to be?” and “What the heck are we going to do for Easter in this family”.

{My Mom and Dad}

You see, I was raised in a house where we didn’t believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, or celebrate Halloween. There were no Easter egg hunts, no baskets, and I’m pretty sure we called it “Resurrection Sunday” rather than Easter. Let me rephrase that, I think that we had like maybe 1 Easter basket growing up, and I think that we did like 1 or 2 Easter egg hunts. But, you get the idea, we didn’t really celebrate the secular side of it. In fact, I didn’t know that people had big Easter dinners until I was in college. Brad, on the other hand, did all of the above. Easter baskets, egg hunts, pictures with the Easter bunny and big family dinners.  And now we’re married, and have a baby, and we need to figure out how we’re doing this thing.

{Baby Quinn, Alexis, Aunt Ronda}

I have mixed feelings about Easter, more so than Christmas. I want my children to feel like it was a special day, because it’s the most special of days, but I don’t want any confusion about why we celebrate it. For the past 2 weeks I’ve debated this over and over in my head, “Do we do the Easter bunny route?”, “Do I insist that this is strictly religious?”, “Do we compromise?”, “Where is the compromise????”

{Zoe with her Bubba}

I know that you’re probably reading this going, “What the heck?!??!?! Just get her an Easter basket already!” But, if you weren’t raised with Easter baskets, then it’s not exactly the most natural thing in the world to start celebrating the secular part of Easter. I honestly wrestled with it. But then I remembered this passage of Scripture in the New Testament. Paul is talking about food offered up to idols, and there are some Christians in his time who have no problem with eating it, and others who had a HUGE problem with eating it. His response was {and I’m paraphrasing BIG TIME}, “What’s it to you if the food is offered up to idols? We know that there is no other God but the One true God. So, go ahead and eat the food. But, if your conscious doesn’t let you, then don’t. Each one do what his conscious allows. However, know that you can eat the food if you want to.” I thought about that for days…it was freedom.

{Gammy and Aunt Ronda w/Missy the dog}

So, Sunday over a pancake breakfast, excuse me…a flapjack breakfast, Brad and I discussed Easter traditions so that if we decided to do the whole egg route I could get some on clearance the next day. This is what we came up with: We are going to do up the Easter basket, big time. It might not be on par with Christmas, but it will be cool. I want them to wake up and look forward to their Easter baskets. I want them to look back on Easter and think, “Man, we always got really cool Easter baskets.” We will always participate in or host a big Easter dinner. We are not going to tell our children that an Easter bunny exists, just like we’re not going to tell them Santa Claus does. We are not going to do Easter egg hunts HOWEVER we’re not going to say “no” to them either. If there is a community one, or a family one, or grandma wants to throw one…sure, of course, or even if they ask us to do one…absolutely we will, but we’re not going to make it a big deal. Most importantly, we’re going to make a really really really big deal out of why we celebrate Easter in the first place…because Jesus died, and then rose again and because of that we have LIFE, abundant LIFE…just like Zoe’s name.

{Pretend like Brad is smiling like a normal person in this picture. It’s the best one we took…}

And so, that’s that…for this year. We might change our minds, our kids might decide they want a say in the Easter traditions. It’s the weirdest thing in the world coming up with your own family traditions. Really cool…but really weird.

{My dad and my sister Jamielynn}

So, what about you? What do you do for Easter?


3 responses to “Easter baskets and such

  1. Since my mom grew up celebrating the secular side of Easter up in Wisconsin, they hid candy inside (not outside, since it was freezing cold). So every Easter morning, my brother and I would wake up to little pieces of wrapped candy (think Hershey kisses, Starburst, etc) hidden all over the house. It was probably the coolest, most fun thing we did all year.

    Honestly, I wrestle with the same thing regarding family traditions. It way cooler to celebrate an actual miraculous event of our Savior conquering the grave than a fake bunny that poops candy-filled eggs. That being said, I still might keep the hide-candy-in-the-house thing, it was really fun. 🙂

    • Becca, We love Jesus deeply here. I was raised with a midwest secular focused mom who did amazing baskets with special gifts and chocolates. So this tradition is her thing as a legacy to her Grandkids. She has sent them over the years but as she gets older- now sends me the money with instructions and thoughts on what she would like to do. My kids have never celebrated the Easter bunny, but we do allow them to do a Easter egg hunt with family and friends. We shoot straight and help them to acknowledge what they believe. Great Blog- and God will continue to show you what you should do and how you should parent. Your already doing in amazing job in my eyes.

  2. We love Easter because we celebrate the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, along with the atonement He suffered so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. We also love to celebrate the beginning of spring and all the beautiful changes that are taking place around us. We do not celebrate the Easter Bunny, but do have fun with eggs and baskets. We fill them with modestly with chocolates and special treats like books and games. We have fun with the activities going on around us, but teach our children and hope they know that there is more to the day that should be held reverently in their hearts. Have fun with all the new traditions you choose for your family.

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