Because I’m impatient

I’m going to show you something that should be revealed in her “Oh my heavens you’re 9 months old already” post. Speaking of that post, it’s coming in 5 short days. In 5 days my daughter is going to be 9 months old. Which means 3 months away from her 1st birthday. Holy crap. I have to start getting ready…

Anyways, back to my point. Zoe had a rather productive weekend. Now, we all know that she’s been sitting up for a while. But she’s never known how to “sit up” she thinks that the way to sit up is to do an actual sit up…it’s pretty funny. She does this little crunch and gets all strained in the face. And then she gets really really really frustrated. So, basically, she knows that she can sit up but she doesn’t know how to sit up.  Which means that when she gets tired of just laying around she cries and cries and cries until I sit her up.

Yesterday she was supposed to be sleeping while we were eating dinner. Zoe had other plans. See, she figured out that both sets of grandparents were on the other side of the door and they would never let her cry it out like her mean mommy….so cry she did. I went in, at the pleading of my mom, to check on her. Well, what do you know…


I put her in the crib LAYING DOWN…I called for Brad. Zoe thought she was going to be rescued…


It’s her best “I’m so tired that I can’t think straight, but if I look at mommy real pitiful like, maybe she’ll let me out of this cage”. It didn’t work.

Ah! It’s so weird! Everybody keeps telling me “It’s just a matter of time until _____” Ugh. But, wait! That’s not all she did this weekend. Again, we’ve all seen her stand up, but stand her up. I always put her in positions early so that she can develop her muscles, get some coordination, and I don’t know…develop.  This weekend we were hanging out on the floor when she decided that she didn’t want to sit next to me anymore…she wanted to STAND next to me. I would have pictures of that except that she likes to use the neckline of my already loose tank tops as leverage and well…that’s just not very internet friendly…at least not in these parts.  However, I helped her slide over onto the couch {with the help of her favorite toys} and she hung out there for quite a while…

I present to you, Little Miss “I can now stand and sit on my own”

You’ll notice that Hemmingway saw her standing there by herself and came to be a cushion. It was adorable. He was laying in another part of the living room, got up, laid next to her, then did his army crawl until he was completely spread out and only a few inches away from her. She eventually did need him as a cushion. That dog drives me nuts but her sure does love his Zoe…

Oh, by the way…Happy Easter everybody. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’ll post more about mine tomorrow. What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?


5 responses to “Because I’m impatient

  1. I think the best part of this post is the way Hemmingway looked after her. That’s adorable.

  2. Wow! Two big things! I just had the oh-my-goodness-you-can-sit-up-on-your-own moment last week, too, and just after a nap. I came in to get him and wow! There he was, looking up at me! Crazy the things that already happen when we’re not around . . .

    • isn’t it just the weirdest thing??? And then, as soon as they get it it’s like BAM….now I do it all the time, like it’s no big deal at all. Zoe’s trying to actually STAND now…like in the middle of the room not holding onto anything, just trying to stand up. She can’t, not even in the least bit…but it’s just crazy that she’s even TRYING it so soon!

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