Hello, My name is Martha

So I have this friend who is crafty down to the bone. She has more “crafty” in her little finger than I do in my whole body. She sees things in spray paint and scrapbook paper. For real. And I hate her. {Not really. I don’t hate her. Not at all.} She makes me want to be crafty…ugh. The last time that I was over there I ended up decoupaging my daughters dresser. I went over there yesterday….you can see where this is headed. She went to put her kids to sleep for naptime and came back into the room with one of those rosette headbands…you know what I’m talking about, they’re everywhere these days. She taught herself how to make one. Are you kidding me???? I see one and think, “Man, I need to get on Etsy”. She sees it and thinks, “I could do that….hmmm”.  She said it was really easy and then she did one rosette so I could see how it was done. I fell in love.

After a {not so} quick trip to Walmart this is what we start with…

Do you see those prices??? $.19, $.25, and $.38!!!! I got 1/4 yard per fabric, a piece of felt {$.47), and then bananas and a Snapple. My whole trip cost $4 {the cashier actually double checked b/c she couldn’t believe it was that cheap!}. I already had the glue gun and scissors. What I forgot {until the very end} is that you need a headband to put your rosettes on….go figure.

Step 1. Cut a strip the length of the fabric 1″ thick. I should mention that I cut my fabric in half where it naturally folds. The width of the rosette is determined by the length of fabric.

Step 2. Tie a knot on one end of the fabric. This shouldn’t take any explanation whatsoever.


Step 3. Grab your hot glue gun and let’s go to work! What you want to do here is begin twisting the long strand of fabric, then gluing it around the knot. Keep in mind that you want to hide that little tail, so just tuck it as you go. Or, if you’re like me, screw tucking it and just hot glue it back over the knot. I’m not talented enough {meaning I don’t have 3 arms} so there’s not a picture of the actual twist, but, I’m sure you’ll get it. I have faith in you! =)


Step 4. Stop and admire the first rosette you’ve ever made!!!!! Whoohoo! It looks beautiful! And your thumb and forefinger are only partially burned! Success!


Step 5. Repeat steps 1-4. Then do it again.


Step 6. See that little guy? He’s looking for a home. You’re gonna want to hot glue all of your little rosettes together. I made mine different sizes on purpose. You can have different sizes, different colors, different whatever you want! So, make sure to stop and think about this step. Don’t be like me. I’d hot glued 3 together before I realized that I didn’t look at which side was “up” on any of the pieces, and I didn’t take a picture, and then I accidentally glued the little guy next to the big guy…which is not where it’s supposed to go.


Step 7. If you’re like me then you’re going to need to find a headband that you already have and then cut off the bow. If you’re a planner, and you planned ahead, then grab the headband that you bought for the project. You want to make sure that the headband is centered on your rosettes. That might sound like common sense….but I’m writing this for people like me…which means that it’s not. =)


Step 8. This is where the felt comes in. You can use felt, ribbon or nothing at all. But if you chose to cover the back, just slap your cover on top, hot glue it, and then cut the edges so that you can’t see anything from the front. I don’t have a picture of this one.

Step 9. Find the cutest model that you can and make her wear the headband. Tell her that she has to earn her keep around here…




And there you have it. The rosette headband.
You’re welcome America.

You know what…my friend was right! This is easy!

Have a wonderful day everybody!


2 responses to “Hello, My name is Martha

  1. Jessica Fields

    I’m sooo proud of you!!!! 🙂 Looks awesome!!!! And Zoe is toooo cute in that headband!!!

  2. Great job Rebecca! What a cute lil’ model! She is an ADORABLE child and so photogenic! Oh yeah, head band looks good too! lol! : )

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