Cuteness to the nth degree

Because I know that your day could use a little bit of cuteness. And because I happen to live with the cutest kid on the face of that planet.


And because I feel like I’ve written a lot of serious posts recently. And that’s just no fun for long periods of time on end…


Today is going to be about sheer cuteness. Do you see those teeth??? All 4 of them!


Yesterday we pulled out the camera because she was wearing a new headband and she had a super cute outfit on.


She doesn’t seem too sure about the photo shoot…but, she got into it…


I mean, does it get any cuter than that????? If you said “no”, you’re wrong. It does…


The front says, “Mommy says I’m P-u-u-u-rfect” And then the tush has this on it…


Freakin’ adorable. Then, because she was sitting in my lap she decided that I needed kiss-ies


She learned how to blow kisses the other day. Well, kinda. You blow her a kiss and then she pops her lips. It’s adorable…and she knows it.

My little hippie chic.

That’s it….nothing deep. Nothing profound. Just cuteness to the nth degree….don’t you agree???

Have a great day everybody!


4 responses to “Cuteness to the nth degree

  1. Those pictures are great! I love the teeth!

  2. Ahh! Four teeth! So cute. I love the headband….makes me hope a little girl finds her way into our family some day πŸ™‚

  3. Adorable little girl. πŸ™‚ Love the headband.

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