It’s the little things

Saturday, when I laid my head on my pillow at the end of the day, I thought, “This was the perfect day”. It really was. We woke up early, grabbed a quick breakfast, I went to the last session of a woman’s conference I’d been attending, came home to laugh and play with Zoe before naptime, Brad and I took a nap ourselves, we had a family dinner at my parents house complete with my Aunt Darlene and Uncle Vic, we laughed, we played cards, Brad beat me {again} in ping pong, and then we came home. It was late, almost 1:00 in the morning by the time that I went to sleep….but I went to sleep in utter bliss.

I am a quality time kinda gal. I love it. I need it. I gotta have it. So, Saturday rocked my world. It was quality time from start to finish. I felt love from my head down to my toes. It’s amazing how a day so simple can be that perfect.

Sunday my {not so} little sister called to see if we could hang out. As we were walking out of the house my big sister called to see what I was doing. Needless to say we all ended up at her house sitting around her living room drinking wine {them, not me}, eating chocolate cake, and talking about boys. What’s better than talking about boys with your sisters?

About 2 hours in to our little shindig I sent Brad a text asking him to just go ahead and put Zoe to bed…we were going to be a while. A few minutes later I sent him a text that said, “I love you. Deeply.” The reply was instant, “I love you deeplier.”

There was nothing extravagant about my weekend, no fancy dinners, no big plans, nothing pricey. There was nothing extravagant except for the amount of quality time and love. It was the most perfect of all weekends.

Now, for some photos…

Hello. My name is Zoe, what’s yours?

New Shades

Aunt Jamie did some retail therapy. Zoe was the lucky beneficiary. She’s particularly fond of the tag =)
{fun side note: The day before Brad and I were talking about Zoe’s clothes and we decided that we needed to buy her a pair of jean shorts. The very next day Jamielynn came over with THE.CUTEST. pair of jean shorts I’ve ever seen. I love it when stuff like that happens.}

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do? Is the weather good where you are yet?


3 responses to “It’s the little things

  1. How ADORABLE! Lil’Zoe in her cute jean shorts and shades. A Diva in the makings?? lol!

  2. Awesome. I find that sometimes the best days are the ones that are the most relaxing–where you don’t do anything much, but at the same time, you do the greatest things like hanging out with your baby and family. And also, Zoe looks adorable in those shorts. I can’t wait for the weather up here in NY to start behaving so I can put my Zoey in shorts too. Also, my Zoey loves tags too. L)

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