My Solution to Mommy Brain

For the past 8 months my brain has been on hiatus. I can’t remember a single thing. More than once I have triple {or even quadruple} booked days/evenings. Brad asks me what’s on our plate and I have no answer for him. I obviously had a problem and I needed a solution.

Enter Martha Stewart.

For some reason, as I googled “creative wall calendars” when I stumbled upon Martha’s idea for a chalkboard I thought I could actually do it. Why anybody thinks that they can do one of Martha’s projects is beyond me. Why I thought I could do a Martha project is unfathomable. But, after looking for over an hour, aside from slapping up a big dry erase board in my dining room it was the best thing I could come up with.

I wish I had a before shot for you….but I’m just not cool like that. Maybe you’ve seen it in an earlier post, doubtful…because we never really just stand and pose in our dining room. So let’s just say that the decorations {on the wall} were really sparse. On the yellow wall there was a mirror and on the blue wall there was a clock and 2 sconces. Boooooooooooooooring. In the middle of the chalkboard project I decided that I need to change up the clock wall. Brad was in decorating hell heaven.

My first trip to Home Depot I came home with black chalkboard paint. This was actually a small victory for me {and my wall}. See, I was all set for black and then I got there and the nice Home Depot lady told me that I could get black….OR….I could get one that could be tinted in 18 different colors. 18 colors!!!! I could choose between 18 different colors! Oh my word. The possibilities. I was in color heaven! I went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I walked away with black paint.  Major success. Oh! I should probably tell you that the day before I found this AMAZING wall decal at Hobby Lobby for 50’% off…heck yes. It was $7.

Step 1. Apply the decal {took 4 people about 1 hour to make sure everything was straight…I get a wee bit nervous because I have ZERO talent with straight lines}.

Step 2. Paint a black box.


Do you see that quote? “Look to this day for the Splendor of Beauty and take in the Abundance of Life”. Zoe’s name means “Abundant life”. It’s from the bible, when Jesus says, “I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” {John 10:10} The easiest way to describe that in the original Greek is “life in all capital letters”. I have come that you might have LIFE!!!!!!!! {both present and eternal}. AH! Don’t you just LOVE that!!!! LIFE. So, obviously, it’s the perfect decal to go over a wall calendar. And look at that pretty black box…it’s straight! The lines are straight, the corners are even….perfect.

That was Sunday. Monday I sat and stared at the black box for a while, bought some scrapbook paper and craft wood to make a border, googled some more ideas, started at the black box a little bit more, bought different scrapbook paper because the first round didn’t match, ran a few errands, stared at the box a little bit more. Basically, I didn’t do anything to the wall….but my brain was focused on it all day long. It’s one of the annoying parts of me doing any type of project. I never finish the first day and I get obsessed with it. I’m finding I’m WAY more prone to this as a stay at home mom.

Tuesday. For some reason when I do a project I turn my house upside down. At one point on Tuesday Brad asked me where he could sit down. Sorry babe. For this particular project it’s because I decided to redo the clock wall. I pulled out some old black frames, took out the black and white pictures, and replaced them with colored photos. Keep in mind, I still have the paint all over the counter, wood and 2 rounds of scrapbook paper on the table, and now I have 10 frames scattered around. It’s a mess. I finish the clock wall and refocus on the calendar.

Step 3. Divide the previously blank chalkboard into calendar boxes, mark it up with bunches of painters tape.


This part is pretty important. The first part is to pencil the lines in. Now, we have a laser level thingy but I have yet to get a straight line even using that thing. By the time that Brad and I finally got those stinkin lines straight I completely understood why some of those challenges on the Biggest Loser are so dang hard. My arm HURT. Oh, also on Tuesday I picked up some white chalkboard paint to make shades of gray.


Wednesday. My goal was to finish the chalkboard before Brad got home from work and have the house cleaned up. I got the first two shades done. But, in the middle of two rounds of moving tape around and painting every 3 boxes I accidentally mixed up 2 and 3 {the boxes were numbered 1,2,3…with black being 1}. I didn’t notice that I mixed up the colors until I was done painting all the boxes. Which means that I had alternating rectangles instead of boxes. I needed to get out of the house to reset my mind. My intention was to leave for an hour and come back to finish. I got home 9 hours later. So, nothing else was done to the calendar that day.

Thursday. We’re on Thursday now. THURSDAY! This is a stupid chalkboard on my wall. I’ve had paint mixed in Solo cups sitting in my microwave {creative way to keep it safe from Mr. Darcy} for 48 hours. My house is still turned upside down. I HAD to get this project done. The painters tape annoyed me so I just took it off and tried as hard as possible to stay in the lines. To make the difference between the shades of gray more prominent I mixed a new batch but this time made it based in white rather than black. After about another 30ish minutes working on it, trying to touch it up and messing things up even more…I finally made peace with the imperfections that you can see up close.

I think it looks pretty stellar.


Here’s the new dining room walls….


It looks more lived in….maybe someday there will be a new dining room table and chairs and no baby stuff, and maybe no crate….here’s for hoping =)

Oh, and can you look past the picture that still needs a frame? Sweet. Thanks.


3 responses to “My Solution to Mommy Brain

  1. LOVE IT!!! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! I’m so proud (and slightly jealous) at how this turned out! It’s easy to focus on the little imperfections, but this seriously is awesome. Can’t wait to see it (and chalk myself in for a date) 😀

  2. Love it Rebecca! I want one and I don’t even have Mommy Brain or that much going on! lol! : ) Great job!!

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