A trip to the fair

I grew up a half a mile from the fairgrounds, and as a kid we would walk to the fair every year and spend a whole day there. We would wake up really early, walk over, buy a wristband that would allow us unlimited rides all day long, and then we would lose ourselves in the excitement of the fair. It was awesome. Sometime around the middle of the afternoon we would walk back to the house, order pizza, swim in the pool to cool off, and then head back for an evening of rides, shows, and then end the day with the pig races. Yes, I said pig races. We actually ended up getting a pot bellied pig, Sassy, because of those pig races. And then, one year, we just didn’t really go anymore. I guess I decided I was too cool for a county fair.

Fast forward a few years, or like a decade, and Brad and I had just started dating. The fair was in town and we decided to go. It was a wonderful night. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour getting there, and we sat in the car, rolled the windows down, turned up the music and sang at the top of our lungs. I was falling in love with my husband. Our mission that night was to do everything at the fair that we didn’t have money to do as kids, primarily eat whatever we wanted to! I remember asking Brad if we could ride the Ferris Wheel {because that’s what young couples in love do, right?} and said, “Of course”. Then we found out that it would be $4 a person, and that’s just ridiculous, so I said that we didn’t have to. I tell you this story only because I found out like a year later that Brad has a TERRIBLE fear of heights, and wanted to pee in his pants {not really} when he agreed to go on that ride. Brad, actually hates fair rides in general. We are TOTAL opposites. Anyways, later that evening as we were sitting on some bleachers, eating fried oreos and waiting for the alligator wrestling to start {go ahead and read that sentence again…} Brad realized that he was falling in love with me. That was the first night that he knew he wanted to marry me…and it also the moment I remember thinking, “I could see this being my future”.


Last year Brad insisted that we go again. He wanted to make it our tradition. The year before we’d been dating for 2 weeks, and now we were going back and I was 5 months pregnant. It’s crazy how fast things happened. Last year we avoided the fried oreos {because they’re DISGUSTING}, spent a lot of time looking at the animals, caught the auciton{!!!!!} and fell in love with the miniature billy goats. We sat there staring at the little tiny goats dreaming of our family, picturing our kids, laughing at the thought of owning a little tiny billy goat one day {in the suburbs, with our Great Dane}. What would we name him? It was another fantastic night…

date night

This year we went back to the fair…but this year we took our daughter.


I probably don’t have to tell you that it was really really fun. It was also $1 night…holla! And it was RAINING. But, lucky for us, it stopped almost as soon as we got to the fair…so nobody got wet, at all. Another difference this year is that we brought my mom and sister with us…that was pretty fun. My mom took Zoe to look at the farm animals…


Jess and I found a baby donkey. I don’t know about you, but every time that I say the word “donkey” in my head I do it in Shrek’s voice. I couldn’t get him to look at the camera.


I couldn’t resist this one…


Then we grabbed some dinner. Don’t be fooled by the hodge podge. This was DELICIOUS! There’s sirloin tip in there under the mushrooms and onions…heaven =)


Then my mother decided that it was too cold for Zoe. Meet Darth Vader.


The sky got dark and the fair lights came into their full glory….I love love love the fair lights at nighttime.


Doesn’t this ride make you nauseated just looking at the picture?


My favorite ride as a kid. I will never, ever, ever ride it again. Ever.


If you’ve never gone on the Zipper, you need to, at least once. Try not to think about the fact that it was put up in 2 days, and the MORNING after the fair is over it will already be disassembled. Just have fun spinning in circles forward and backward as you fly in the air and fall towards the ground. It’s terrifying and exhilarating and I will never, ever, ever ride it again. But, what I WILL ride is the carousel. That’s more my speed these days. Apparently Zoe was relaxed enough to kick back and hang out. I was relatively freaked out in the beginning. I just kept seeing her fall off on the other side. Next time I might try holding her in my lap. Zoe, I think, enjoyed it. A few times as we were going around and around she was able to focus on Brad and recognize him in the crowd.


I can’t wait to see what next year at the fair is going to be like. I’m pretty sure it’ll involve a TON of kiddie rides.

What about you? Did you grow up going to the fair? Do you go to the fair when it comes into town? What’s your favorite “fair food”?


2 responses to “A trip to the fair

  1. I happen to have tremendously enjoyed the one fried Oreo I’ve ever had. Considering your recent reaction to them, maybe I shouldn’t try them ever again, to keep that glorious memory intact!

    • Really? You liked them???? I’ve heard of lots of people who do…maybe it was the one that we ate, but OMG…it was awful.

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