Zoe Grace – 8 months


Oh ZoeBear. How is it possible that you get more adorable every single day? I’m the luckiest girl in the world that I get to see this smile every single day. Today, at your 8 month photo shoot, when I took out the camera you started smiling. You’re becoming quite the ham…


That was one of the first pictures I took of you today. All smiles and giggles. You light up my world….most days. There are still some days that I feel a little bit insane….for instance, when you’re teething. You have 4 teeth now…2 on top and 2 on bottom. And you know how to use them!!!!!


Your personality is beginning to emerge more and more every day! My goodness I love learning about you! From my vantage point I can tell you already that you’re a GENIUS! You’re so smart it’s ridiculous. Every day you learn new things…you get this adorable scrunched up look on your face. I can see the wheels turning in your head and I love it. I hope you keep that curiosity and determination all your life.


You’re also incredibly funny. You’ve started realizing what we think is funny and then you do the same thing over and over again. Like at dinner time, when you get a bite of food in your mouth you start blowing raspberries…food goes EVERYWHERE and it’s hilarious! You give us this HUGE grin, a belly laugh, and then you do it all over again! You do that so many times in so many different ways every day…you have such a great sense of humor. And you have a coyness about you, it hilarious to watch, you’re so good at it already…you’re going to be a heartbreaker…


Your favorite toys are {in no particular order} large cups, your legs, and your rubber ducky carousel. Runner up is your giraffe, your blocks, and the dogs squeak toys.You love love love my cell phone, the computer cord, my glasses, my hair, straws and Hemmingway. In fact, Hemmingway is right up there with your favorite toys. He comes and lays beside you and you play the drums on him. What I love about this stage is that you turn everything into a game. Everything. All day long you look at me with a question, “Is this a new game???” I smile and do the action again, and it’s on! Whether it’s touching your tongue, blowing raspberries, making “phss” noises, waving in the mirror…you love it. You LOVE playing games. You’re learning what the word “no” means because I have to tell it to you all the time {especially when you decide to play with the cords}.


Speaking of words…you talk! You’ve entered the world of communication outside of crying! It’s a blessed miracle! Well, I guess it’s probably not a miracle as it is part of normal childhood development. But it is an amazing light at the end of the tunnel for me. You say “hi” and “bye” on a regular basis. You say, “baba babaaa ba bbaaa! babaa” all the time. A few times you’ve tried to say my name, but it’s jumbled…so I’m going to wait to make that declaration for the real thing. You also try to say “apple” which is weird. However, your favorite song these days is the one I made up that goes, “A is for apple, ah, ah, apple. B is for baaaaaby, Ba, Ba, Ba. C is for kitty cat just like Jasmine. D is for DAAAAddy, Da, Da, Da! M is for Mommy, Ma, Ma, mommy. And Z is for Zo-E-Bear!” Oh, you laugh so hard when I sing that to you. You bounce up and down, sometimes you sing along at the “B” part, and I’ve even caught you humming the song to yourself once. You practice talking all day long and no matter what you say, I always agree with you and act like you make perfect sense. You squeal with delight…all the time, but especially when your Daddy comes home from work. Oh my goodness…you are a Daddy’s girl. You LOVE LOVE LOVE to read books. I’m sure that if it were up to you we would just read books all day long. You turn the pages like a big girl, and in your peek a boo book, you’re beginning to do the peek a boo parts yourself too. That’s just crazy to me!


The look on your face in that picture is the look that you get when you want something. You stare it down, and then you go for it. I love that about you. At first you just rolled everywhere you wanted to go. Today you started crawling. Crawling! Kinda. It’s more like an army-crawl/crawl Your tush goes straight up in the air and you crawl on your elbows…you look ridiculously cute. It’s forward motion…I’m proud of you. You also pull yourself up, try to stand every time we put you on the ground to sit, and sometimes when we are holding you up you try to walk. You’re still a long way away from walking…or doing that by yourself. In fact, you only pull yourself up on me…even though I know you can do it on the furniture if you want to.

You are absolutely beautiful my sweet Zoe Grace. You are perfect in every single way. I am so incredibly honored to have spent the last 8 months with you. You have changed me in so many ways. I love you so so so much.



6 responses to “Zoe Grace – 8 months

  1. I would just like to say that I love these monthly letters to your little girl. They will be such a beautiful gift someday when she is able to appreciate them.

  2. Beautiful Rebecca…just beautiful. This made me cry. I agree with Bobbi, this will be awesome for her when she grows up. For those of you that read Rebecca’s blog but don’t know the family, Zoe is just as adorable as her Mommy says she is! I love that precious little baby girl! : )

  3. Happy eight-month birthday, Zoe! (I love the photo with the pink edge 🙂 )

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love it! The coolest part is that I have a daughter, Zoey Grace, who just turned 9 months at the end of March. Talk about coincidences. 🙂 🙂

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s CRAZY!!! And really cool! =) Thanks for discovering my blog…and loving it =) hope to see you around here lots….and tell me about your Zoey!

      • I’m sure I’ll be leaving more comments and whatnot. 🙂

        My Zoey likes hot dogs, but not baloney. She will eat anything off my plate, but doesn’t like to pick food up off her tray just yet. She has just mastered saying, “Da Da”, but only grins when I tried to get her to say, “Ma Ma”. She loves music and has no patience with strangers. And she has an uncanny talent of getting me to hold her bottle for her without me realizing it. I just adore her. 🙂

        I just started my own blog if you want to get a better idea about Zoey, my boyfriend and I. http://www.the1986prebleroadcrew.wordpress.com.

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