Mommy Brain

A lady from work told me that when I had the baby I was going to lose my mind. I was going to forget everything. I disagreed, silently. I have an excellent memory. I am an excellent “ball juggler”. Mommy brain, for sure, was not going to happen to me.

And then I had a baby.

And then I lost my brain.

But, don’t worry, I found a new one….mommy brain.

Let me tell you about this brain. This new friend of mine. It makes me put milk in the oven and the bottle lid on the formula. I have put two earrings in the same ear. I schedule things and then completely forget them. I can’t remember what I have planned any given day. I double booked my guest room once. I’ve stood up one of my closest friends. {Those two things happened on the same day} Brad has to send me text messages to remind me to move things over to the dryer. I go to the grocery store and pace the aisles trying to remember what I went to the grocery store to buy. I spent this entire last Friday thinking my friend was driving back to Florida that night, while at the same time reminding myself that I had to feed her cats the next day because she was out of town. It’s ridiculous.

It drives me crazy. It’s part of this whole new identity that I’m still trying to get used to {which is a whole blog post on it’s own}. If I don’t do something the moment I think about it, well, it’ll probably be a week or 2 before I remember again. If you tell me something, and it involves me agreeing to be somewhere or do something…make sure that I write it down. Because, otherwise, mommy brain is going to take over and I will inevitably forget. And if that happens, you can blame Zoe…it’s her fault.



10 responses to “Mommy Brain

  1. SO. CUTE. That photo is priceless!

  2. I love it, I have that same problem, especially at the grocery store!!!!

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  4. Hilarious!! I wonder what my excuse is… 😉

    LOVE the pic, she’s just so flippin cute. Seems she’s handling her new teeth a little better, no?

  5. Show off those teeth Zoebear Angel Girl! You had to go thru some serious misery to get them! Lol! Sure enjoyed seeing you and Mommie today. Keep her straight Zo Zo. 😉

  6. The only thing I could think while reading this post was “Oh my gosh!!! I can totally relate!” I have never heard of mommy brain but I OBVIOUSLY have it hahaa. I forget almost everything nowadays. Today I forgot about a standing lunch date I have had with some mommy friends for 2 months now. Just totally missed it! 🙂

    I agree the picture at the end is VERY cute!

  7. That is an adorable picture! I absolutely love the teeth!

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your situation but so glad to hear that I am not alone! Am I awful? Developed mommy brain after having two girls back to back. They are a little over 12 months apart and are a huge source of joy in my world, but If I don’t write simple things down, there is no way I can remember things. I started working again full time and feel so incompetent. We need the money, but can’t phantom how I can hold down a white collar job without looking like a complete clown a lot of times. Zoe is adorable by the way.

  9. rachael sonnborn

    the picture makes “mommy brain” totally forgivable. (not that it even affects me!) So, I have to write everything down too… I have multiple lists going at the same time. Then I forget where those lists are! Have fun!

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