As if we didn’t have enough animals…

Wednesday evening

Jessica: “Hey can you watch Sophie this weekend? Just Friday til Sunday..Mommy is going to take her Sunday through Wednesday.”

Me: “Sure”

**Fast forward to Saturday night**

Brad asked me to call my mom and see if we could stay a little bit later at the wedding. I told him that she would only say yes to him. He didn’t believe me. I made the call. By the time that I hung up we not only had to leave the wedding pronto BUT we were also dog sitting all the way til Wednesday. Fail. Maybe next time he’ll believe me…

Meet Sophie


She is 9-ish years old, lovable, hyperactive, mostly well behaved, hyperactive, lovable, hyperactive, a single dog to a single lady, hyperactive…did I mention that she’s hyperactive? and lovable?

Sophie, by herself, is not the problem.

Sophie + Hemmingway + a teething baby = Mommy’s going to lose her mind.

Like. For real.

Speaking of teething…why don’t babies come with cue cards? I mean, I think that would be a FANTASTIC idea. They would just wake up in the morning, hand you a cue card that says, “Hey mom, 2 of my teeth decided to come in today. I’m going to just cry and cry for hours on end. There’s nothing you can really do about it. You can do all the teething things that you’re supposed to…but it’s not really going to work. So, just go get yourself a glass of wine and start drinking it at 9 in the morning. That’ll help. Maybe.”

I think that’s an amazing idea. I’m going to lobby for it when I get to heaven. Future generations of moms can thank me.

Back to dog sitting. Like I said, Sophie isn’t the problem. Not really. She can be annoying, but Jess already knows that I think that…so that’s nothing new. Labs, in general, can be pretty annoying. But Sophie thinks that her name is Zoe…so you can imagine what that’s like. And Hemmingway thinks that he should get attention when Sophie gets attention…so…just close your eyes and picture that scenario. I promise you, you can not underestimate the chaos. My feet have been stepped on 1,000 times, maybe more. The carpet is a mess and the backyard looks like a mine field. And the cats haven’t come downstairs all week…in fact, they’ve taken to just hanging out in the sink.


The dogs are not allowed in the kitchen…therefore, I go in the kitchen.

Avery, for the most part, has camped out on the bed.

Speaking of Avery, she got a haircut. Smile for the camera, Avery…

Isn’t she just darlin’? She now hates me…I had to get Brad to stand by her to even get that picture. She’s a Daddy’s girl.

But, like I was saying, dog sitting. As chaotic as it is…I believe in it. I believe in having an open door. I like that my sister doesn’t have to worry about her dog when she goes out of town. I like that when she comes home tomorrow she’s going to take her dog back….immediately. But, most of all, I like that we live in the same country, in the same city, 20 minutes away from each other…and that it’s possible to dog sit for her. Besides…she watches my kid for free all the time. But she hasn’t dog sat yet. Hmmm…. Jess? We’re going out of town for our birthdays…what do you think??? {Yes is the only acceptable answer}


2 responses to “As if we didn’t have enough animals…

  1. OMG!!! Funniest blog ever!! Rebecca, you are an AMAZINGLY talented, down to earth, “real” women of God, that I am soooo thankful to know! (that goes for your whole adorable family) You are what every women,wife, mother, child of God should strive to be. Love you girl, and love to read your blogs so keep em’ coming! Oh yeah, and I gotta tell you the pics you post on your blogs are really good too!Soo…..can I add AMAZING photographer to my list of Praises?? lol! πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah! Our cats used to hang out in the sink, too, waiting for a drink. Good memories πŸ™‚

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