Picture with me, if you will, a mother who is with her left hand feeding her daughter and with her right hand feeding herself.

Welcome to my day. That was me at 9:25 this morning. I had 5 minutes before my friend showed up and we left for the dog park…I knew I had to feed Zoe, but when I was making her food I realized that I had to eat too. No problem. I have two hands. After all, it’s kinda like the “patty your head while rubbing your tummy” exercise.

Speaking of exercise…I am incredibly stiff today. More so than yesterday. Day 2 is always the killer…and it just sneaks up on you.

Back to my chaos.

In roughly 10 minutes {plus 1 or 2} I was able to get home, feed Zoe, grab the dog stuff, feed myself, change myself into appropriate clothes, grab snacks, and get the animals, Zoe and myself loaded in the car and head to a dog park.

It was smooth sailing at the dog park. Dogs are, after all, pretty self sufficient when running in a pack around a large lake. We did a few laps around the lake, the boys played, the dogs played, and Zoe was amazing. Then it was time to go…or, rather, give the dogs a bath and then leave. Dogs. Plural.

I’ve done this by myself with Hemmi, Avery, and Zoe. It takes a little bit of time, but then it’s ok. In my normal, laid back style, I said, “Oh, it’s no problem…you just put the dogs in this little holding area and bathe them”.

What I failed to realize was that  3 dogs + 2 small boys + 1 baby + 2 of the dogs HATE bath time + 2 adults + a gate that’s broken = CHAOS

Oh. My. God.

After one dog escaping, one running away from the hose, both boys wanting to help bathe but not know how to do it, both boys getting soaked, both adults getting soaked, another dog escaping at the end, the older boy trying to get the dogs in the car, the younger boy crying because he couldn’t help, the moms trying to get all animals and children into the cars….

We finally got done. Out of breath. Soaking wet. And ready for a nap.

I head home to meet my friend who’s coming over at 12. I’m running late. At this point I’m too tired to care. I get home, open the door, take Zoe out of the car and put her down, the dogs go into the house, I go to check the mail…..this is all NORMAL activity for coming home from the dog park.

Well, a neighbor drinking something from a paper bag {at 12 in the afternoon} is walking up to me, at the same time that my dogs {plural} decide they can take themselves for a run around the neighborhood. Straight to the pit bulls across the street. The man is trying to talk to me. I yell, “hang on!!!!”, leave Zoe in her car seat in the middle of my yard, and go running after Hemmi who is nose to nose with some pretty vicious dogs. He runs away. I chase him. He runs. I chase him. Avery runs. I start cussing. I get the dogs back to the house. Out of breath. Man is still standing there. Wants to know if I need my yard mowed. “No, sir, thank you for the offer. My husband just did it this weekend.” Get the dogs in the house, pick up Zoe from the middle of the yard, sit down on the stairs at the entrance way to my house. My friend pulls up in her car.


My friend and I have a wonderful visit. She leaves at 4:30 ish. I realize I have 30 minutes to get Zoe up, get myself dressed, get Zoe dressed, dinner packed, animals fed, and the house relatively cleaned up before 5. And I want to write a blog. Oh, and did I mention that I’m preaching again tonight at youth? Did I mention that I haven’t written my sermon yet? And now I have 20 minutes to pick Brad up. And I’m still typing?


So…I said, screw the house…it’s gonna stay a mess. We’ll eat at church. I’m going to be late getting Brad. And I need to remember to bring paper and pen so I can write my sermon in the car. I think I want to do a “drama-ish” thing tonight in my message. Which means I need to come up with it.


There are no pictures in today’s blog because I just don’t have the time. Which is a bummer. Because I have really cute pictures of the dogs at the dog park that would be lovely. If there are typos I apologize….love you guys!


9 responses to “Chaos

  1. Oh my! You certainly got your exercise in for the day! Hope you have a relaxing evening and a good night’s rest to reboot 🙂

    • We finally got home around 9 and Zoe was in bed by 9:45…and then I sat on the couch and mindlessly watched tv. Whew! Today will be busy too, but I plan on doing absolutely nothing on friday!

  2. Wow Rebeecca! I think it’s easier to go to work! Lol! I don’t know hoow you do it all….and still remain somewhat sane! Ha! Love you too. : )

  3. I was worn out after reading this! : ) I remember those days oh so well. Hang in there.

    • I don’t think my head/body settled down until right before I got up to speak yesterday… Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Wow you certainly had one busy day! I think as mothers we all experience this more than once (try a dozen times) over the course of a month. I love it, but man, does it wear you down to the point of sheer exhaustion! Good job keeping up with all of it though!

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