A List

** 2 out of 3 of the pictures in this post have absolutely nothing to do with the post itself. They’re just cute**

1) Have you ever read the Marmaduke cartoon? Have you noticed that he’s always digging holes and always on the furniture?

2) We have to wash our sheets about 4 times a week.

3) Because of our Marmaduke.

4) Today I wouldn’t let him on the bed because we’re already on round 2 with the sheets and it’s Tuesday.

5) So he threatened to eat a pillow.

random 887

6) I just bought that pillow. Because he ate the last one.

7) So I threatened to kill him.

8 ) I won.

9) I woke up at 2:45 am and was up for an entire hour. Because every muscle in my body hurt.

10) I did the grocery shopping today and like always I asked the bagger to pack the bags “extra heavy”.

11) I remembered too late that every muscle in my body hurt.

12) Zoe and I met Brad for lunch today.


13) I had a greek wrap – feta, cucumber, tomatoes, turkey, some type of dressing. Delicious. Healthy. I was so proud.

14) Then I ate Brad’s fries. Sometimes you gotta give a little and then take a little.

15) Zoe has a new trick. She just all of a sudden started doing it. Here…I’ll show you…


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