I am competitive. Ridiculously competitive. Growing up I was a swimmer, mainly because you don’t sweat in the pool. I HATED practice. It was the longest 2 hours of my life. Everyday. But I consistently delivered great times because I wanted {with every fiber of my being} to beat the person swimming beside me. So, I did.

If you ever play a trivia game with me I’m warning you now, I compulsively answer…even if I don’t know the answer. And in ping pong…I hit {or try to hit} the ball every time it comes to my side of the table. It’s how I lose…and it irritates the beejezus out of me. And then Brad laughs at me…and that irritates me even more.

When I married Brad I had a decision to make, I could either a) embrace sports as part of my life, for the rest of my life OR b) I could fight, whine and nag every time football is on the tv, or basketball, or baseball, or golf, or soccer {which he doesn’t even like but “Baby, it’s the World Cup.”…really? You HATE soccer}. And I would be fighting that…for the rest of my life.

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I chose “a”. Because, honestly, I don’t have that kind of energy…and Brad breathes, eats, and sleeps sports. Actually, sometimes he can’t sleep because he’s thinking through options for Fantasy Football or choices he just made on his Bracket. Because I try and actually listen to my husband when he talks to me I know and understand way more about sports than I ever cared to know. Believe me. I figure, if I’m going to have to watch this crap then I might as well get involved.

Which brings us to today. March Madness.

You may not know this, but we are currently in Round 2 of 6 of a tournament called March Madness. The winner of this tournament will be named National Champion. It’s kinda a big deal for college basketball. Who knew? I sure as heck didn’t. I mean, I’d heard mention of it…but I never really paid attention, at least not until last year.

just us

Last year Brad asked if I wanted to fill out a bracket. I wouldn’t be putting any money down on it. It would just be a little bet, between me and Brad. If I won he had to paint the room. If he won…I can’t remember. I spent like 4 hours working on my bracket {in between calls at work} and finally had peace about my choices. The tournament began and Brad kept track of my teams for me. The first night I had 15 out of 16 correct. That’s what I’m talking about. The entire first round (32 games) I missed 5. I kicked Brad’s behind! As a matter of fact, at no point in the whole tournament was Brad ahead of me.

Awesome. Oh, I gloated. I went to work after every round and just gloated and gloated and gloated.

Which made me very nervous about this year.

Pride comes before the fall…or so I’ve heard.

This year I entered the bracket tournament with “the guys”. There are 13 of them. And one of me. I’m out for blood. I want to win sooooooo badly. It’s hard for me to even watch the games because my heart races, it stresses me out when my team is behind, or when players are missing free throws and it’s a close game.  I yell at the tv. Loudly. And Brad laughs at me. I compulsively check my standings…I’m tied for 3rd. Heck yeah. Brad? Oh, he’s 10th.

It’s early. This could go either way. I’m aware of that. I’m holding my breath.

If I beat him then he’s painting the whole downstairs for me.


Have I told you that I’m currently beating him?

What about you? Are you competitive? Do you and your hubby ever place bets on anything?


2 responses to “Bracketology

  1. realanonymousgirl2011

    Yeah, I’m not that competitive, but this entry was entertaining.

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