7 months

Seven months ago this was me…

zoe's first month 880

Two days ago this is what I saw


My little girl is growing up right before my eyes. It seems like every day is something new. She’s like a sponge, soaking everything up. Every day she interacts a little bit more. Every day I get a little more of her personality, her uniqueness. Every day I fall even more in love with her {if that’s even possible}. The past month has been my favorite month of motherhood, so far. I think it keeps getting better from here!

Zoe’s stats:

7 months
17ish lbs – 75th Percentile
28 inches – 90th Percentile
eyes – still change colors all the time. Mostly grayish/blue
smile – addictive
laugh – infectious

Her Tricks:

She’s sitting up
pulling herself up to a standing position {only w/my fingers…she doesn’t know she can do it in other places}
babbles several syllables
understands {and responds} to some sign language: eat, milk, more, all done
tries to eat everything around her
rolls all around the floor to a specific destination
can play by herself {my favorite trick}
is experimenting with different laughs/coughs/sounds everyday
recognizes people/places {she’s recognized family and VERY close friends for a few months now}
Transfers toys from hand to hand {she’s perfecting this one…she’s been doing it for a while}
instigate/play games {see video}
**there’s probably more… but I can’t remember them right now**

What she’s still trying to figure out:

Her big one right now is learning how to crawl…that’s right around the corner
Pull herself up all around the house
Feed herself

Here are two videos recorded this week…they show 2 of her new tricks. I’ll warn you now…they are WAY longer than anybody NOT Zoe’s mother wants to watch…and it’s pretty much Zoe doing the same thing over and over in both videos. Just lettin’ you know. šŸ˜‰

Trying to feed herself

Peek A Boo {please excuse my lack of makeup. thanks.}


2 responses to “7 months

  1. C-U-T-E!

  2. Super cute! Love the stats…

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