Boys are rambunctious

This morning Zoe and I came downstairs to a quiet living room. We let Brad sleep in. I got on Facebook {like I always do} and Zoe played on the floor. My friend Courtenay was posting away about this Open House they were having in the afternoon and I thought, “Hey, maybe she needs some help cleaning up…we’re not doing anything”. So I called her. She declined my offer, but asked if I wouldn’t mind watching her 2 little boys so that she could clean. Um…heck no! I LOVE her boys! Absolutely bring them over!!!! She said she would be right there, and I went to wake up Brad. I was nice and put a pot of coffee on for him to soften the blow…Brad doesn’t wake up to surprises very well. He’ll learn. =) 5 minutes later Courtenay was in our driveway and our quiet little home went from 1 kid to 3 kids under the age of 5, instantly.

Equipment needed:

1 big huge dog to chase
a stack of construction paper
creative minds

Here’s a few snapshots of our morning

First we found rocks for Hemmingway to chase


Then Jed tried to climb a tree. And whatever his big brother does…Elijah has to try


This next one didn’t work too well


Then because Hemmingway didn’t want to be a horse, we had to make some. Elijah kept asking me questions and I kept telling him “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Brad laughed. We figured it out.


This is what I found on my couch. Apparently boys like sticks


And then we played Cowboys and Indians. That’s a pretty cute Indian if I do say so myself


Then our Cowboys needed some new duds. We had a pretty high maintenance cowboy


We played Cowboys and Indians for a while. I ran around with them on my shoulders. Then I fed them sugary snacks because I was running out of ideas. Cause that’s a babysitters prerogative.

Funniest moment of the day:
Jed threw the Indian Girl {me} into the river and I was drowning. He’s just killed me moments before, but apparently this was a way cooler way to die. I told him that he was a pretty violent cowboy. He thought about that for a second, then pulled out his gun and shot me. I doubled over laughing.

They left around 12. Hemmingway took a 4 hour nap. Brad and I straightened up the house and then took a nap ourselves.

Boys are awesome. Boys are rambunctious. Boys have a TON of energy.  We had a BLAST!



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