It’s been a quiet morning here at the Harvin residence. We’re on Day 2 of Operation Cry It Out. This morning started somewhere between 4 and 5 am. I think it was closer to 5, but everything was blurry. The crying was constant and then it would taper off, then she would wake herself up with a loud cry, then taper off again….on and on and on. For over an hour. By 6 am, after questioning everything we were doing, going into her room, rubbing her tummy, singing the melody I hum that calms her instantly, laying in bed staring at the ceiling…I was done. I went into her room one more time, Brad was in the hallway {silently begging me to give in and let him pick her up}, I rubbed her tummy {she clung to my hand and wouldn’t let go}, I hummed one more time, and then I walked back to my bed, crawled under the sheets, put a pillow over my head and cried. And cried. And cried. Hemmingway came and cuddled with me, Brad went downstairs and coped in his own way, and Zoe finally fell back asleep.

At 7 when she woke up she was as happy as a clam. I couldn’t see straight. Brad took her after I nursed her and they went downstairs for some Daddy/Daughter time. She fell asleep on him…go figure. I love that man. I really really love that man. I woke up {the second time} to our Saturday morning ritual…as if nothing had happened. Brad and Zoe in the kitchen, some Dave Matthews on and the griddle fired up for some flapjacks. By 10am Zoe was ready for her nap and so was Brad.

It’s noon now, I have worship music on quietly in the background, Zoe just woke up and she’s laughing and giggling on the floor playing with her toys {actually she’s playing with the basket that her toys are in} and Brad is still out. I’m going to let him sleep for as long as he wants to….he deserves it.

**The apple of our eyes**


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  1. Adorable picture of Zoe

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