Wedding Bells are a Ringin’

Ah! It’s wedding season! Can you hear the bells ringing in the air? We just went to our second one this year, there’s another one coming up in a few weeks, then one in April, May and June.  I love weddings. I love them more now that I’m married than I did when I was single. There’s something so beautiful, so lovely, so profound about weddings. It’s two people saying “I will be by your side, no matter what, through thick and thin, all our ups and all our downs….and we will be separated only by death.” That’s mind-boggling. That hopeful, joyous, madly in love couple will leave their wedding ceremony, go on a great honeymoon {hopefully}, and then come home… married. And then they have to figure out how to walk out the vows they vowed. It’s beautiful. It’s a mess. It’s fun. Granted, we all know that marriages don’t always make it ” ’til death do us part”…but still, at the beginning, there’s always that hope that it will.

Last weekend we attended the wedding of Steve & Skye. Brad and Steve go way back. Brad and his whole group of friends go way back…but Brad and Steve were roommates for years, as single guys they went on several road trips together, they’ve gone to Vegas together {I don’t ask for stories}, they lost their dads within months of each other, they go to every single Gator football game together, Dave Matthews concerts and Nascar races….there is a simple, deep bond between them. Brad was the best man. If Brad didn’t have a brother, Steve would have been the best man in our wedding.

The wedding was just up the road at the San Marco Preservation Hall. It’s this beautiful old {small} building in one of the historic parts of Jacksonville. Lucky for us it’s 5 minutes from our driveway.  The reception  was outside, the weather was PERFECT, they strung white garden lights up, the food was DELICIOUS! {Fried chicken, Beef Brisket, Collard greens, Grits, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits and Cornbread, Cobb salad} Everything was put together so well. The wedding could honestly have been in Southern Weddings for a garden party. There were so many unique touches, like the menu on a chalkboard hanging from an oak tree {wish I’d thought to take a picture!}, an acoustic guitar player who crooned melodies in the background,  flowers in mason jars and wooden boxes on the main table, ferns as the table centerpieces, an area for kids to play with old fashioned toys, bales of hay and a babysitter! It was simple. It was tastefully done. It was beautiful.

The Preservation Hall
preservation hall

Proud Ringbearer

Pretty Flower Girls

The Bride.


ps. The guy that married them is the same guy who married Brad and I when we eloped. He’s so weird!!!! And, Brad is not paying attention…he’s looking at me =)

The main table…so pretty!

Ring Bearer gettin’ down on some friend chicken =)

Do you see what I mean by “simple yet beautiful”?

Brad is literally threatening me in this picture. He was DONE with taking pictures. He’s such a cutiepie!

Doesn’t my brother in law look like the guy on House?

Congratulation Mr & Mrs Lee! May you experience a lifetime of marital bliss!


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  1. rachael sonnborn

    your website looks great…. I tried some changes on mine as well…. still a working progress with little time to work! You inspire me!

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