Living room transformation

Do you like how I left you on the edge of your seat yesterday? Sorry about that! So, where were we? 4pm on Sunday. We put the couch on the side of the road.


We left to pick up the couches. It was a logistical nightmare. 2 trucks, babysitter emergency, run home, go back to the car to get the carseat, go back home, leave again, almost run out of gas, finally get to their house 1 1/2 hours AFTER we left…the house is 15 minutes away from where we live. No biggie. EXCEPT I maybe, kinda scheduled this at the very end of the Daytona 500. And my husband was less than pleased. And to make it even more fun…Zoe screamed for approximately the ENTIRE second half of the adventure. I was singing at the top of my lungs in our truck…when I took a breath she screamed. Awesome. If I wasn’t so excited about these couches I would have bailed. Brad was FAR less than pleased.

This is his “I swear if you take a picture of me right now I’m going to kill you” smile

And our house looked like this…

And so we went to bed. End of Day 1.

Day 2. Brad goes to work, I come home to the mess. Zoe doesn’t want me to put her down, Hemmingway thinks something terrible is happening, and I can’t see the surface of anything horizontal in my living room. So, I phoned a friend.


God bless her.

By the time that she left we had all the furniture in place. I tackled Brad’s tv/entertainment center and Hemmingway helped with the cords.

And Zoe watched from the couch. The new couch.

Meanwhile, my living room looked like this…


And that’s about as much as I got done on Day 2.

Day 3. A bunch of cleaning and organizing. I’m still not actually done…but it’s come a long way!

One more’s the before…

And here’s the after…

So much nicer! The living room is no longer a hodge podge of random furniture…it has potential! It has open spaces! It’s the perfect area for Zoe to play with her toys, learn how to crawl, learn how to walk….it’s great!

Now…from here…there’s still a few more touches for the living room. I need a nice area rug, a few storage ottomans {so if you know of any that are free or extremely cheap…send them my way}, and I still need to decorate the walls…especially in the hallway, which is now bare. Oh, and I’m painting again…not now, but soon…I have the color palate picked out already!

So there you have it. There’s 3 days of stressful chaos in the Harvin household.

ps…the couch is still on the side of the road. It’s 4pm on Wednesday!


3 responses to “Living room transformation

  1. Looks great! I know you were happy to get rid of the couch! For artwork on the walls take pics of Zoe and have them printed (wallmart has cheap prices) and frame them!!! 🙂 You know I love my pics. For cheap frames what I do is go to Goodwill and buy the ones that I like I don’t care the color or what pic is in them… and then I spraypaint the frame the color that I want.

  2. I now see the benefit of eliminating the coffee table…the place looks super spacious! Definitely coming around! I’ll keep a look out for storage containers and stuff, looking forward to the final look (if there really is a “final” look to any Rebecca project) 😉

    • hahahahah! there probably is not a “final”…it’s more of a fluid project…. =) Decorating it to temporary to be married to any one look…except the need for color!

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