Bachelor Pad

In my years as a single young woman I lived in a lot of places. I’ve lived in nice apartments, camp cabins, my parents house, on my friends’ couch, and even in an old rickety house with a scary basement in Michigan…but I have never lived in a bachelor pad. Obviously.

And then I met Brad. And I moved into my first bachelor pad. And everything was beige. And all the walls were bare {with the exception of 1 Gator thing on each wall}. And I almost lost my mind.

Can I use “and” one more time to start a sentence? I’ll try….

It has been an uphill battle with this bachelor pad. First of all, Brad likes white walls. When I ask his opinion on anything to do with decorating he replies, “I like white walls”. Well…I don’t. I can’t function with white walls. Second, Brad hates spending money on anything to do with decorating. He almost went into code red when I painted downstairs and bought pillows. The pillows cost $7 each. I bought 3. We had a fight….see where I’m going with this? Third, {most recently} we had a baby, I quit my job and money got tight. So….when it comes to groceries or paint….groceries win every time.

Anyways. About 2 weeks after we eloped, if I even waited 2 weeks, I painted the entire downstairs. I painted the kitchen bright yellow, the dining room and hallway a bright cheerful “Surfer Blue”, and the living room a deep “Pacific Blue”. At the time, I was having a love affair with those colors. If I saw something in that color scheme, I bought it. No questions asked. Which worked really well for my wedding on the beach….not so much in my living room. Don’t get me wrong…I still LOVE the colors. I LOVE being surrounded by color. I am, by nature, colorful. However….when the people who built your house only put 1 window downstairs….dark teal on your walls makes your living room a cave. It’s an interior decorators worst nightmare. Maybe not worst…but pretty bad.

The paint helped me cope with the bachelor furniture…and for that, I do not regret the colors one bit.

Let’s talk about furniture. It’s man furniture. Guaranteed, if you’re a man and you were to come to the house when I first moved in, you would have loved the furniture. It was big, overstuffed, oversized, and beige. Like I said, everything was beige. I hated it.

I’ve thrown most of it out. Hemmingway helped with a few pieces, and my pregnancy helped with the others. Altogether it’s been: 1 loveseat (Hemmingway), 1 ottoman (Hemmingway), 2 end tables, 2 nightstands, 1 overstuffed armchair, and an entertainment  thing. The one thing I haven’t been able to get rid of is THE couch. One night during my pregnancy I came close to winning that battle. That was the night the nightstands ended up on the side of the road. I remember sitting in my red chair staring at the horrendous couch, who’s presence in my living room has been the bane of my existence in this house for almost 2 years now. Oh, I wanted to throw it out so bad! Lawn chairs would be better than sitting on that monstrosity! After 10 years of being a bachelor pad couch, the couch met Hemmingway….and Hemmingway ate the corners of the couch, stained the cushions, chewed off the edges of the cushions, and used it as his dog bed.

I know that if you’re reading this you’re thinking “It can’t be that bad.” Oh, but it was….and I have proof! Anyways, Brad talked me back from that ledge, and I made peace with that ugly couch. It was, after all, functional…mostly.

That’s pretty much our situation as of last Thursday when I was at church talking to ladies in the office. Wait, I should probably add that I’ve been home with Zoe staring at the walls, the furniture, and the stains in the carpet. It’s enough to make a girl lose her mind. Especially if you like pretty things. I was ready to throw everything out and sit on the floor…I figured at least then there’d be space and everything wouldn’t feel so cramped. So…I was talking to the ladies in the office and my friend Carla mentioned that she might have some couches for me, would I be interested if they were available?

Heck yeah!

Turns out, they were available…and thus began the overhaul of the downstairs on Sunday.

Here’s where we began.

Stay tuned for the transformation!


3 responses to “Bachelor Pad

  1. Jonathan was the same way when we got married–whites and beiges…but I convinced him to let me buy a green couch and ever since then he’s LOVED color and always asks me to incorporate more color into our apartment. Good luck!

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  3. I love reading your blog, Rebecca! It makes me smile. I love color too. Thankfully Joe has let me be the boss of the decor….and we have a tons of color. Good luck with your project! How fun!!

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