Another List

1) I’ve been rearranging my living room off and on for the last 24 hours

2) I’m exhausted.

3) I completely underestimated what having a child does to a house project.

4) I’m still not done.

5) But I have to pick up Brad, drop Zoe and Brad off at the in laws, run to the airport to pick up Kristin, and then back to the in laws, then back home…probably bedtime for Zoe, and then go again.

6) My mother in law is making a roast for dinner tonight and I am THRILLED.

7) I’m typing from a new couch. And I’m looking at a new couch.

8 ) That makes me exceedingly happy.

9) Zoe has tried her darndest to make sure that she is more important than this redecorating project.

10) I’ve been taking pictures so that when it’s all done ya’ll can enjoy my journey.

11) It’ll probably be 3 blogs before it’s all done.

12) This morning I turned on Radio Margaritaville for like 2 hours and stared at the mess.

13) Once again, I have 12 minutes to get dressed, get Zoe packed up, and get in the car.

14) And I’m gonna be late.

15) I have the most patient husband on the face of the planet! That’s a lie. But, maybe he’ll be flattered and won’t get completely frustrated when he walks in the door.

A picture that has nothing to do with the blog. Enjoy!


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