Surprise Saturday Morning

5:30 am – In a sleepy haze I feel Brad get out of bed. Zoe is crying. Pacifier. Back in bed.

6:00 am – Zoe hasn’t stopped crying. I stumble out of bed to feed her. The cats follow.

6:20 am – Make sure the cats are out of the nursery. Stumble back to bed. Wide awake.

7:30 am – Zoe wakes up again. I go get her. Get back in bed. Hemmingway is whining and pacing.

7:50 am – Brad shoots out of bed, grabs a pair of shorts, yells at Hemmingway then says,

” You can write about this in your blog”

Thanks Brad. I will. =)

7:55 am – I check Facebook on my phone. The Longs are in town for a few hours. Can we meet up with them?

7:56 am – “BABE!!!!!! BABE!!!!!!!!!!! GET DRESSED! BABE!!!!! C’MON GET DRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:57 am – Jess comes running out of the guest room to see if everything is ok. Brad comes running back upstairs to see if everything is ok. I start throwing clothes everywhere getting ready.

What a fantastic surprise! I knew they were coming to Fl to leave on a cruise…but I didn’t realize that they were leaving from Jacksonville!!! How perfect!

Wait, let me back up, the Longs are from Michigan. Dave is the Director of Wildwood, the boss man, and mentor to the interns. He is an unending source of wisdom, an incredible listener, ridiculously patient, and way cooler than you assume upon first meeting him. Marie is his amazing wife who becomes “mom” to the interns. She cooks delicious food (our 1 home cooked meal every week), is also a great listener, really really funny, compassionate, and incredibly competitive. Ridiculously competitive. And they have 3 daughters: Joy, Hope, and Grace. As a whole they are an incredibly awesome family. Individually they are incredibly awesome people.

And they were in Jacksonville! This morning!!!!

We met them at their hotel and just sat in the lobby for about an hour and a half. It was awesome. We talked. We laughed. They “ooohed” and “aaahhed” over Zoe.

These people know me inside and out. They have seen the best of me and they have seen the worst of me. And they love me. Everybody needs people in their lives like the Longs…it’s good for your heart.




What a great twist to our Saturday morning. I’m SO glad they were able to meet Zoe when she’s this age. I’m so so so glad it’s only a few months before I’ll be in Michigan for Jason’s wedding. So exciting!

{Today = Awesome}


7 responses to “Surprise Saturday Morning

  1. What a PERECT day!

  2. Is that the guy that “married” you guys? That’s so cool!

  3. Mandi Overholser

    Soooooo jealous. Looks like a wonderful time, wish we could have joined you for your b-fast reunion.

    • AH! that would’ve been awesome!!!! Brad and I keep planning trips to Atlanta and then have to cancel them b/c of $$$$ =( One of these days though…we’re gonna make it up to see you.

  4. Wow, what an awesome (and totally necessary) surprise for a Saturday! It had all the workings of a crappy start, but totally redeemed by a special visit. Love it 🙂

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