Toys, toys, toys and some more toys

I think we had a breakthrough yesterday. We had a playdate. (God bless playdates) And Zoe sat by herself for a few hours! This might not seem like a huge deal to you…but to me, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a long time! The most I’ve ever gotten out of her at home was like 20 minutes. And that’s with constant encouragement. Granted, yesterday we were sitting on the floor with her. But she was thoroughly enjoying herself…and honestly, I don’t think it would have mattered if we were on the floor with her. Come to think of it…every time that we have a playdate she is perfectly fine sitting on the floor playing by herself… NOT how she is at home.

That’s because other kids have toys. Lots of them. Toys of every shape and size. Toys of every texture and color. Toys, toys, toys, toys…apparently it’s a normal part of having children. Who knew?

All of Zoe’s toys fit neatly into a basket.

And that basket fits under my coffee table. With the exception of the cube.

I like it that way. I like that my house isn’t inundated with toys. Not that I mind at all going to homes that are. In fact, I expect it. And it’s not that I don’t want my house to be a mess…it already is. It’s just we don’t have room, honestly. The builders of our house wouldn’t know what an “open floor plan” was if it hit them in the face.ย  Space is limited. Storage is limited. Speaking of storage, she can’t play with toys if they’re put up…the whole point of toys is that they’re out and accessible. I don’t want to trip over all of her toys. I already trip over a 100lb dog all day. I don’t want to step on them. I get stepped on by a 100lb dog all day. I don’t want to have to move toys out of the way to sit on my couch. I already have to move a 100lb dog, and a cat, and a mutt out of the way to sit on the couch. And so I fought bringing them into the house. I fought, I protested, I delayed…

And I just lost.

Because my desire for Zoe to play nicely on the ground without me being tethered to her side is greater than my desire to not have toys scattered around the house. And so, dear friends, I apologize now, because the tiny shred of an organized house that I was clinging to is about to be a thing of the past. My chaotic home is about to be even more chaotic.

I guess this just means I need to redecorate. Ha! I need a game plan. I have a few ideas up my sleeve….get rid of the coffee table and get those storage cubes…stuff like that.

Oh, and Zoe needs toys. I’ll get right on that…wish me luck!


6 responses to “Toys, toys, toys and some more toys

  1. Just read your comments on my blog, then hopped over to yours. . . . is that The Biggest Loser on in the background of the second photo? Hi, Moses! ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Welcome to the Land of Toys! There is no turning back now! lol

  3. Playmates are the best. My friends always wonder why my house is full of extra kids and it is the secret: so they have people to play with and I don’t have to play Barbie for the 1000th time because I’m out of scenarios for that…and playing Barbie makes me sleepy. She already takes up half my living room and has more clothes than me. The toys will eventually take over the house so enjoy the basket. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve already started rearranging to prepare for the influx of toys. I hadn’t even thought about how many Barbies will be in the house yet! Oh my! I don’t know if I’m ready for that!!!!

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