Goodnight Moon and more

I think I buy more books for Zoe than just about anything else. My mom read a ton of books to me at an early age and to this day I love to read. So, I figured, it worked for me…it’ll work for my kids. So we read. Everyday.


Wait. I mean. I read. Zoe eats the books.

The other day I was just about to buy this book Goodnight Moon. You might have heard of it. Apparently, it’s like one of the classics. My good friend Elizabeth said that I had to get it. But, honestly, there were a few other books there that looked more interesting. So Goodnight Moon went back on the shelf. We’ll get it some day.

We finished running our errands and made our way back home and there was a post it note on the door. I’ve mentioned before that we don’t live in a great neighborhood. So, needless to say, we were a little bit wary. It was Fed Ex. Whew. They’d dropped off a package because we weren’t home.

It was Goodnight Moon.

Weird. But really cool. In a “thanks God for having me put that book back on the shelf so that I didn’t come home with a book you’d already given me” kinda way.

The book that Elizabeth sent was a set of 3 books. The second one was Runaway Bunny. I didn’t make it through the book. I started crying about halfway.

The story is about this bunny who tells his mommy that he’s going to runaway. The mommy bunny replies, “well, if you’re going to runaway then I’ll just come after you.” The little boy bunny replies that if she comes after him then he’ll make himself become a trout and swim in a river, so that she can’t find him. The mommy bunny replies, “If you become a trout then I will be a fisherman and I’ll fish for you until I catch you.” The little bunny threatens to become a rock on a mountain. The mom replies, “If you become a rock on a mountain, then I will be a mountain climber and I’ll come find you”. The little bunny says that he’ll become a bird. The mommy replies, “well if you become a bird, then I will be a tree that you come to when you want to rest”.

The little boy bunny threatens a few more things and the mom replies the same way, every single time. No matter where you go, no matter what you become, no matter how hard you try to escape my love….I will come, I will be there, I will wait for you, I will bring you home.

I sat there crying while Zoe tried to eat the book.

That, my friends, is a mother’s love. But, it is a mother’s love only because it is God’s love. I cried, not because I loved Zoe like that (even though I do) but because God loves me like that.

I guess this really hit home because I’ve been in a season of questioning and learning about the love of God. I’ve been faced with hard truths recently concerning my walk with God. Places where I’ve said, “I love you, but I don’t trust you”. I’ve had to acknowledge walls I’ve built to protect myself, from God. It’s been hard. It’s been humbling. It’s worth it. He’s walking me back to a place where I say, “Yes. Because I love you and I love your kingdom. Yes. Whatever you want me to do, wherever you want me to go. I will. I want no one else but You.”

The story ends with the little boy bunny saying, “Well, if you’re going to do all those things to find me, I might as well not runaway at all.”

I guess time to say the same thing to God.


3 responses to “Goodnight Moon and more

  1. Many blessings to you as you reach this point in coming home to God! There’s a great book by Henri Nouwen called The Return of the Prodigal Son this brings to mind. It makes the point that although it was perhaps the moment the prodigal son felt farthest from his father, once he realized he wanted–rather needed–to come back to his father, he was already owning his “sonship” in a way that meant he wasn’t really lost anymore. Just that yearning, whether emotional, intellectual, or spiritual, can show God how much we love Him. There’s always more to give of ourselves, but this is often a greater start than we give ourselves credit for.

    Also, Goodnight Moon has been known to put Jacob right to sleep, so it may be worth giving it a try! It’s not nearly as much of a tearjerker as The Runaway Bunny, I promise!

    • I love Henri Nouwen =) The season that I’m in is more of falling in love with God again. I never really left Him…I’ve always loved God, and served Him…I just backed away from being passionate in my relationship with Him. Does that make sense? It’s hard to explain without going into crazy amounts of detail. But…thank you! For encouraging me =)

      ps. I love your blog! =)

  2. Goodnight Moon is my favorite book for little ones. My aunt gave it to me when my 1st was born and it was all three kids’ favorite. They all had it memorized and it was the book they first “pretended” to read because they new all the words.

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