Rubber Ducky you’re the One

Oh, bath time. The source of infinite cuteness. Naked babies and bubbles. Memories that I’ll cherish forever. Typically, in our house, Brad does bath time and I do bedtime. We’ve been doing it like that since she was about 3 weeks old. He LOVES that time with her. It’s Daddy/Daughter time, and I love that he’s so hands on. But, sometimes I get jealous. Last night was one of those nights. So I stole bath time. That’s right. It’s a mother’s prerogative. And I’m so glad I did! Last night we reached a new milestone for bath time…sitting up in the tub! Oh my goodness. My little girl done gone and growed up.

Not really. And that’s HORRIBLE grammar. Don’t ever talk like that. Ever.

But when I sat her up in the tub last night it was like I lost my baby-baby and there was this little kid sitting in the tub. I know that’s ridiculous. I know she’s still only 6 months old. And I’m doing a pretty darn good job at staying “in the moment” (although sometimes I wish she could talk so that we could COMMUNICATE ALREADY!!!!!) but aside from that, I really stay in the “now” and I cherish every single stage. But, seeing her in that tub, sitting up like a big girl. Splashing around. Oh my. It was like kindergarten, her first date, driving a car, and prom were all right around the corner.

And I wanted to scream, at the top of my lungs, STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Stop growing already!!!! Stay my baby forever!!!!!! (It probably doesn’t help that she’s recently started really cuddling with me and that melts my heart).

Anyways. It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from Texas when she was 2 weeks old giving her a bath in the sink at hotel.

zoe's first month 1010

And then she was in our sink

And then she got too big….stop growing already!!! And so she moved up to the infant tub….and she’s hung out there for MONTHS! And that’s PERFECTLY ALRIGHT WITH ME!

That’s her handsome Uncle Jon in the picture with her

And now, she’s sitting. What’s next? College?



So, now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy some bath toys. I think a cute little Rubber Ducky is in order. Let the bath time fun begin!


3 responses to “Rubber Ducky you’re the One

  1. Those pictures are adorable. It’s crazy to think she’s been with you guys six months already! Though, I couldn’t help but imagine her at sixteen discovering that you had posted naked pictures of her on the internet.

    • She will be mad at me, for sure! But…I’m pretty sure that at 16 she’s going to be mad at me regardless…so, I’ll take my chances =) And besides…she’s so darn cute, how could I not share this with the world??? =)

  2. So cute! I love baby bath photos. Our not-so-little one is out of the sink already, too, and it blows my mind!

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