The man I live with

Here are a few random glimpses of the man I live with. They have been edited…for his sake, not yours. =)


Brad: Baby, hey baby, you wanna go to the Huddle House?
Me: Sure
Brad: Ok, well then put on some white trash clothes, we gotta fit in.


Brad: I don’t know if we’re going to get home in time. What time is it? Dang. It’s 9:45 already.
Me: In time for what?
Brad: Liftoff 2011


Brad: Honey. Honey come here!
Me: What?
Brad: I don’t care how much money we ever have, I will never buy this syrup. It’s $19 ^%$#@ dollars!
Me: Are you kidding me?
Brad: This $%#@ better wipe my @$$ for $19. I mean. Are you kidding me? $#@%
Me: laughing
Brad: look at this!!!! What the…. Why do they even have this on the shelf in the 07?
Me: Laughing hysterically
Brad: I was just looking at the different syrups and I saw one for $7 and I thought that was bad, then I saw $19 and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


Me: What are you doing??? Why do you always walk away when I walk towards you?
Brad: Because I don’t want you to touch me. Wait. That didn’t come out right.
Me: You don’t want me to touch you?
…….and then he grabbed my boobs. In Publix.


Brad: What did you say? I can’t hear you. I’m sick.
Me: You’re ridiculous.
Brad: I’m sick and my wife doesn’t care.
Me: ———-


Brad: I’m sick. You should put me in a sanitarium. (in a heavy accent) I told you to tell ’em you were in a sanitarium, not sanitation.
Me: Godfather?
Brad: Scarface.


And we just got done singing (at the top of our lungs) all of the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC songs that we could remember. And disco dancing in the car to the BeeGee’s.

Brad can do ALL of NSYNC’s choreographed dances. No joke.


Man, I seriously love this guy


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