Next time, Sweetie, read the invitation

Let me preface this post by saying I have permission to write it. From Brad. I asked permission because I believe very strongly in always portraying your spouse in a good light, especially in public, and definitely on the Internet. We are, after all, one flesh. However, somethings are just to good to pass up. And so, with very careful word choices, I present to you….our Saturday night.

Brad got the invitation. It was an Evite. The only thing I ever heard was “Hilary’s throwing Steve and Skye’s shower on Saturday. It’s at 7”. Ok. Great. I love Steve and Skye, Brad is the bestman in their upcoming wedding, and Hilary happens to be my absolute favorite out of all of Brad’s friends. She’s pretty awesome and incredibly real. Hilary and Kyle are pretty laid back, in fact, Brad’s group of friends is pretty laid back. They’ve been friends forever and get togethers are mostly just about drinking beer and catching up.

Brad later came back to tell me that the time had been moved to 6:30 and can we pick up some ice. That’s all he said.

For some reason, I didn’t think this shower would really be any different then say, the bonfire we just had over there a few weeks ago…(read: standing around a fire pit drinking beer). So, you know me, T shirt and jeans kinda gal, I threw on the nicest version of that I have in my closet (a lacy camisole and a black button down sweater on top), threw my hair in a pony tail, put on my converses and walked out the door. Oh, with baby in tow. I looked at best “decent”.

Can you see where this is going?

So we stop at Publix to grab the ice and Brad picks up some beer. I kinda wondered why he was doing that because typically showers aren’t B.Y.O.B…ya know? He replied, “Well, I have no idea, I didn’t read the invitation.”

You what????

As we pulled up to the house I saw a guest in satin.….satin. Oh my God. And then I saw Hilary. In a dress. In pantyhose. Oh my God. And that’s just what I saw from the driveway! Once we entered the house I found out it was much worse that I could have ever anticipated. The house was lit by candles. Goblets of wine floated around in guests hands. The men were in button down shirts, and one was even in a sweater vest.

I looked at Brad with this “deer in headlights” look and he just said, “I’m sorry”.

Everyone had babysitters for the night. Everyone but us, that is. All the girls were dressed up. I was in converse tennis shoes. There was a lady there who was 17 weeks pregnant in a satin dress and heels. My hair was in a ponytail.

Oh my God.

We made our way outside where there were some delicious appetizers. Mozzarella, basil, and a tomato skewer = heaven. I think I could have eaten the appetizers all night long. I helped myself to a glass of wine. And Brad apologized like a million times. And I probably threatened to kill him like a million times. And then I had another glass of wine.

I looked at Hilary and said, “I had no idea”.

She graciously assured me not to worry about it, that she was just glad we could come. She also mentioned that the invitation said that it was a dinner party.

If you’re going to have a faux pas like that one…I’d recommend having it with good friends.

And with a glass of wine in your hand!

Because I didn’t bring my camera, and because I didn’t ask permission to put any pictures that other people took on my blog, I don’t have any of people….but here’s how the tables were set up.  It was, hands down, the nicest party I’ve ever been to at somebody’s house. Excellent job Hilary!

dinner party

dinenr party 2


7 responses to “Next time, Sweetie, read the invitation

  1. hysterical…….

  2. Oh wow…worst nightmare! That happened to me, except I was the one who didn’t read the invite. I wasn’t even dressed “decent”…I had just come from dog-sitting! Definitely a good message to all, men and women, READ THE INVITE!!! 😉

  3. OMG, I would have never let him live that down. How dare he!!!!

  4. I’m so proud of you for sticking it out. That’s impressively awkward.

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