The joy of chores

Thursdays in the Harvin household are lovingly referred to as “chore days”….for Brad. When he gets home he sits with Zoe for a little bit then starts cooking dinner. After dinner he does the dishes, feeds the animals, goes around the house and collects the trash from all the garbage cans, sometimes gets distracted and cleans the bathrooms, gives Zoe her bath, and then takes the trash out to the curb. Finally, around 8, he sits down.

Before you get all upset at me….I’m with Zoe and my job is to stay out of his way. I’m serious. I’ve been kicked out of my own kitchen more times than I can count. And Brad has expressly forbidden me from cleaning bathrooms….because I clean with Windex. It works, but he thinks I’m crazy. (Sidenote: you should have seen his face the day he realized I’d been cleaning the bathrooms with Windex for over a year. Incredulous isn’t strong enough of a word.) So, I do my part on Thursdays and he does his.

And then my mom chewed me out. My mother thinks that Brad is an angel. She is completely convinced that he is the best thing since sliced bread, and not one time, not once, has she sided with me. Traitor. I, too, am convinced that Brad is a saint and I obviously think he’s the best thing since sliced bread…I mean, I married him. But, I am no fool. I know that I get in trouble when I get in Brad’s way when he is cooking, cleaning, or anything of the sort.

But this Thursday was different. The house bypassed its general state of disorder and moved into the category of “holy crap…this place is a WRECK”. So, because I love my husband, and because I know that he would come home from work and clean for the next few hours I decided that I should clean.

You can pause and applaud, if you’d like. JUST KIDDING!!!

Let me just tell you what I accomplished:

Kitchen: Counters, dishes, emptied dishwasher
Living Room: Dusted everything, vacuumed, straightened everything
Laundry: Like 5 FULL loads of laundry, including all of Zoe’s dirty clothes, a full                  laundry basket, sheets from 2 bedrooms
Bedroom: Straightened up, dusted, cleaned mirrors and end tables (which are really TV    trays b/c I threw the end tables out when I was pregnant).

Did I mention that I went out to lunch with a friend, and then she spent the afternoon with me? Dang. Brad made some comment when we were at dinner that the day before I’d apologized to him 4 hours before we got home because the house was a mess, and that he was walking into the same mess when he got home. I smiled and said, “yeah, you’re probably right”. Ha!

So, after Thursday I decided to change my name. Rebecca just doesn’t seem to encompass everything I’d like it to. From now on, I am Rebecca, Housewife Extraordinaire.

You’re welcome.

ps. I should probably make a disclaimer that this was possible because Zoe cooperated all day long. She was an angel. I love that girl.

And now a picture that has nothing whatsoever to do with the post. Zoe has learned to throw. Do you see where her sippy cup and pacifier are in this picture? Yeah, she was upset about something and the next thing I know I’m stepping on pacifiers. It’s actually really cute….for now.

throwing pacifiers


6 responses to “The joy of chores

  1. Wow, and to think you guys even came over that night! I’m sure Brad was grateful considering his nasty cold he had…AND he got a chance to relax on his day off. Housewife Extraordinaire indeed! 😀

  2. Why is it wrong to clean with Windex? I clean my bathroom with it. I love your posts!!

  3. I think I had the same look as Brad the day I discovered that Ben cleans everything with Windex. He insists that it’s fine, but I am not convinced. Good job getting so much done in one day! 🙂

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