Fun day in the office

Yesterday morning at about 8 a lady from church called to see if I could come in. The receptionist was out sick. Zoe and I had nothing planned except lounging around the house, so I said sure. And then I gave her a time that I probably shouldn’t have. I said, “oh, well we can probably be there by 9:30….ish” The problem was that I was on the road. I still had to stop at Publix to find the elusive Hyland’s Vitamin C tablets (if you live in Jax and you know where I can get them, and it’s not Target or Publix…fill me in). Anyways, like I said, I still had to go to Publix. I was wearing sweats, Zoe was still in pj’s. I live 40 minutes away from church. And, it was 10 after 8. Why the HECK did I say 9:30? Oh my goodness.

But I believe in being on time for things. You can blame Wildwood.

I got home from Publix at 8:40. Technically, that left me about 10 minutes to throw on some clothes, get Zoe dressed, pack every single toy that she has, pack breakfast for her, breakfast for me, a bib, the bumbo, the laptop, a bottle (just in case), a change of clothes for her, get her into the car and the car packed and be on the road..oh, and straighten my bangs. Um….can you say “not gonna happen”?

Wait, before I go on, I should tell you that I don’t typically travel that heavy. My general rule of thumb is that everything we’re carrying has to fit into her diaper bag. Plus the Bumbo on the side. On Thursdays when we’re away from the house for 8 hours straight I will pack her diaper bag and then like a Publix grocery bag…but that’s b/c I don’t ever plan ahead and section out her rice/oatmeal…and she gets extra toys on Thursday.

But, yesterday, I busted out every single toy that she has. It’s not a lot. But I figured that the new toys would really occupy her attention (and I was right, go mom!). We made it into the car by 9:05…how I did that, I’ll never know. Except I’m going to write a blog about the true definition of multi-tasking. Because I’ve learned it. And my breakfast was Fig Newtons…..I grabbed the entire unopened package and just brought it along. I think I ate 3. Maybe.

I should probably also tell you that I was really nervous that Zoe was going to be fussy (she’d been sick) and that’s why I brought everything I could think of. On Thursdays, if Zoe is having an “off” day…we can just leave. But yesterday they needed me. And I wasn’t going to let them down.

And you know what? We had a blast! The desk that I was sitting at was right by the door. Everybody came by to talk. The phone rang a couple times an hour. I had to concentrate so hard to not say, “Good Morning, thank you for calling Citizens. This is Rebecca, how can I help you?”. But, in spite of myself, I didn’t slip up! Hooray! The day flew by so fast! And honestly, I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in a while. It was awesome. Zoe did AMAZING! Although, we did still have to “cry ourselves to sleep”…which brought EVERYBODY out of their offices to check on her. That was fun! =) And she slept for a full 1 1/2 hours for the morning nap! Hot Diggity Dog! We left at about 2:30 just as she was getting tired for her afternoon nap. Came home, vegged out, picked up Brad at 4:45 and then headed back out to church for youth.

It was a long day….but, man, it was a good day. Here’s a couple pictures….

Zoe sitting on the desk helping me work. Kinda
Zoe at church 1

Hanging out with her BFF Kathleen
zoe at church 4

Totally ok on the floor…so NOT like she is at home
Zoe at church 2

Can you do this?
zoe at church 3

We stole a pack n play from the nursery and put it in a dark room behind the desks. (it’s bright only because of the flash on the camera)
Zoe sleeping at church


2 responses to “Fun day in the office

  1. all my kids have done this at some point… 🙂
    PS I have some toys you can have…..

    • sweet! She’s really starting to love toys….I didn’t even bother with buying them at first because I figured she had no use for them. Now, she lunges for them!

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