To have and to hold

Wow. Two marriage posts in a row….I didn’t plan that right!!!! Today’s posts excites me as much as yesterday’s….if not more.

Today my parents celebrate 32 years of marriage.

32 YEARS of marriage.

32 years, 5 kids, TONS of moves, and God only knows how many animals, lots of ups and lots of downs….and they’re still in love. Wow.

I think so often we say “I do” and we genuinely mean forever….but we don’t really grasp that concept. Maybe b/c it’s a concept that we have never personally experienced. You know? I mean. I’ve seen marriages last….but up until I said my vows I was never married. Kinda redundant. I know. But….do you get what I’m saying?

Anyways….back to my parents. They’ve been married all my life. That’s incredibly awesome. I can count on my two hands the number of people I know (my age) who can say the same thing. It hasn’t always been a perfect marriage because, let’s be honest, there’s no such thing. But I can say this, it’s been WAY more good than it’s been bad. Thank God. Growing up my mom made it perfectly clear that in our house it was God first, Daddy second and then the kids. And she had 5 kids. She would tell us, point blank, “If I ever had to choose between you and your Dad I would choose your Dad.” Not exactly what you want to hear as a kid….but as an adult, holy cow, I am SO thankful that was her approach to marriage. And not just hers, my dad’s too.

I would tell just about anybody I know that if they want to see how a good marriage works to move in with my parents for a week. They laugh. They fight. They makeout in front of their kids (well, not so much anymore b/c the kids moved out of the house….but growing up? OMG!). They LOVE each other. They serve each other. They know each others quirks and how to push each others buttons faster than anybody on the planet….and they are ok with that. They FORGIVE each other. They spend time with each other, in fact, they would rather be with each other than anybody else on the planet. That’s the truth. They still date each other….they never stopped. They are madly in love.

For some odd reason I don’t have pictures of them on my computer, but I have this one…it’s when their first grandchild was born…you might recognize that baby…I only have like 1,000 pictures of her on Facebook. =)

zoe's first month 895

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!


2 responses to “To have and to hold

  1. I love this post! My mom also always insisted that she would choose Daddy over me any time. I agree – hearing that as a kid is really frustrating! But I am so glad that was her position.

    • It’s the best position to have as a parent. That’s what we’ll tell our kids too. But I’m learning, from the other side, that it’s REALLY hard to consistently put your spouse first, especially as a mom. I think maybe husbands have it a little easier…but it’s so worth the effort.

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