to be a great blogger

you need to have great pictures…..or so I’ve heard. And when watching a video chat about blogging  by Marriage Confessions they said that I should use Flickr. but here’s the deal…if I’m not used to something it takes me quite a while to attempt to figure it out. (see the first paragraph of yesterday’s post) It’s quite a hangup. But, eventually, I try it….

and so today I created a Flickr account. whoot whoot. And then I uploaded a couple pictures…no biggie, Facebook has me pretty used to that. Here’s what I got for ya. Let’s see if it works


um….huh. aren’t you glad i’m typing as I do this? Most normal people figure this out and then write about it. Nope. Not me. Lucky you! Ok. Let’s try again….

this is what I got that time…not what I’m trying to do


Zoe’s nap is almost over and this is DRIVING ME CRAZY! This post has literally taken 1 hour…..and I got nothin’. Bleh!

I’m eating a brownie.

And this is why it always takes me FOREVER to try something new….because I always suck at it, at first.

HELP!!!!!!!!!! I need your help! If you know what you’re doing on your blog. Or you just know how to do this. HELP!!!!


one incredibly frustrated blogger


4 responses to “to be a great blogger

  1. I saw your question in Katie’s Q&A section and thought I’d answer it for you. 🙂

    In flickr, click on the picture you want in your blog. Click on “Share This” above it. Click “Grab the html/bbcode” and copy what’s in the box. Go back to your blog, and make sure it’s in “html” mode above your text, and not “visual” mode and then paste. Then you can go back to “visual” to center it or whatever. 🙂

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