Just a few thoughts about marriage

Brad and I have this packet of questions to fill out for this class that we’re taking on Saturdays, and in this packet (and it’s a HUGE packet) there’s a section that’s split off into 2 smaller sections…one for him and one for me. And in that section of the packet there’s a ton of questions about my life…what it used to look like, what it looks like now, what I like about it and what I don’t like about it. And in that section of questions about my life there is a question that I don’t have an answer to. And this is the question, “What is your least favorite thing about marriage?”

Not a single thing comes to mind. Nada. Zilch.

It seems like in every other area of life you’re forced to take the good with the bad. I can think of several areas where that’s true in my life, even motherhood….but not marriage. Crazy isn’t it?

One of my very best friends walked down the aisle this Saturday.  All week I would wake up in Brad’s arms and I would think about Kathryn…she’s going to get this! She’s going to wake up in Matt’s arms for the rest of her life! She doesn’t even grasp it yet…it’s impossible to understand marriage before you’re married. There is something deep within your soul that happens as two separate lives intertwine and become united as one. It’s just simply unexplainable. And it’s glorious.

You can prepare…sure. Gathering tools needed for communication. Oh my goodness…you’ll need them like you’ve never needed them before. You can prepare your heart to be forgiving, merciful, kind….sure. But you can’t fully prepare for the magnitude of marriage. You just experience it. And it is wonderful….

When I was buying Matt and Kathryn’s card in Publix I started crying. Yep. Crying. Right there in the middle of the aisle. The card has a picture of a bride and groom on the front, each side has the words “I Do”.  And then on the inside it reads, “And so begins the journey of a lifetime”. That captures the heart of marriage….a journey. A journey into the unknown with the love of your life.

And so that question in the packet will remain unanswered…because any answer simply wouldn’t be honest….and we all know how much I love honesty =)


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