Not your typical housewife

“Just leave them there honey, I’ll get it when I come home” were my words to my husband this morning. We had 6 minutes to walk out the door and he was folding a pile of clothes on the bed. Laundry has been his “chore” since we’ve been together…I’ve barely done 5 or 6 loads in the last year. Let’s be honest, I’ve barely done anything in the past year. I am blessed (or spoiled), I have a husband who is constantly moving and is a neat freak…which means he can’t stand how I clean or my cleaning schedule and therefore does it all himself…it’s not fair, but for the past year it’s been wonderful!

And now I find myself with a pile of clothes on the bed, still waiting to be put away….I’ve been home for 3 hours. But, in my defense, my day has been full. The baby had to be fed, I had to be fed, the baby had to be fed again, Hemmingway had to go outside…where he proceeded to find a nice (new) place to dig a hole…in the mud, dog had to be washed, living room had to be vacuumed, soon the baby has to be fed again…it’s a busy life

Brad and I joke all the time about my lack of ability to be a housewife…it was even in my marriage vows! “I promise that your house will not always be clean, and your life will not always be organized…but I will love you with my whole heart” And now we find ourselves in an interesting situation…the person who was born to be neat, organized, a planner, an excellent cook is at work…and the one who was born to fly by the seat of her pants, is disorganized, notices a mess about a week after it’s made and thinks about dinner at 7pm is the stay at home mom. And maybe that’s a good thing…because today, when Hemmingway decided that digging a hole to gain freedom from the back yard was a great idea and I felt guilty for making him stay in his crate I knew the only solution was to wash him. He’s a Great Dane. Zoe was wide awake. The hose is outside. No worries….out we go with the bouncy seat, a blanket, a Great Dane on a leash and dog shampoo. 10 minutes later, a clean dog, a happy child and a soaked mom walked back into the house….problem solved. But did I mention that we walked back into the house where Hemmingway decided that the best thing to do with an “indestructible” rope was to destroy it? And so there are, and have been, shreds of this rope on our living room floor that need to be vacuumed…and I promised Brad I would do it…and Zoe is still awake. No worries…vacuum in one hand, child in the other, dogs chasing cats through the house…let’s do this! And that’s when I knew, as I was vacumming and bouncing a 1 month old…I might not be “naturally” cut out for this, and I promise I’ll never be your “typical” housewife….but this is going to be good, I can do this…’s just one more adventure yet to be lived…

I have to go though…a baby needs to be fed and there are peaches in the fridge waiting to be turned into a cobbler. That laundry might not ever get put away! (Sorry Babe…)


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